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Instagram's Rival App Picplz To Be Shuttered In July

A direct competitor of Instagram, picplz is set to shut down permanently on July 3.

In Case Facebook Destroys Instagram, Consider These Great Alternatives

With Facebook set to acquire Instagram for an Austin Powers inspired $1 billion, you may be in the market for a new camera app for your iPhone/iPod touch. Here are a handful of apps that should do the trick.

Upcoming Socialcam App Will Make iPhone Video Sharing Easier

The sharing of iPhone/iPod touch photos with friends and family has gotten simpler in recent months, thanks to apps such as picplz, Instagram, and others. What about sharing video? That too could get easier with a new app currently in beta.

Pulse News Reader Now Offers API Support

Since its debut last year, the Pulse News Reader for iPad app has consistently been one of the better RSS news apps in the App Store. However, the folks behind the app aren’t resting on their laurels. Alphonso Labs is now allowing users to access select API feeds as well.

QuickAdvice: What Are You Up To? Let The World Know With PicPlz

Sharing photos with your social networks is the norm nowadays, but what about the process of getting them out there? Do you really want to be doing them all separately? Well PicPlz lets you do it all at once, in a beautiful, quick, and easy-to-use interface.