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Apple Watch comes through in an emergency

The Apple Watch helped one motorist find his iPhone after a terrible accident.

Get notified with Ping, a strange new app from the developers of Secret

Ping is an app that promises to keep you notified in a new way.

Ping’s Gone, So Where Is iTunes 11?

Ping, Apple's failed iTunes social network is gone. Now the wait begins for iTunes 11.

Ping Will Soon Be Nothing More Than A Distant Memory

Say “hello” to Facebook integration and “goodbye” to Ping.

Death To Ping

According to AppleInsider, it seems Ping’s days are numbered. With the release of iOS 6 this fall, which will support Facebook integration in addition to the already included Twitter support, there is no more need for Apple to feign interest in Ping.

Why Facebook Almost Unfriended Apple (And Vice Versa)

It’s no secret that among tech companies, Apple and Facebook have often had a love/hate relationship with each other. Now we’ve learned the two almost became outright enemies over HP’s discontinued TouchPad, according to an exclusive report by Mashable.

New AppGuide: Network Diagnostic Apps

One of the most difficult and frustrating things that people have to do is troubleshooting their network. Whether you are in a home or an office setting, the apps in this AppGuide will give you the tools that you need to keep your network in tip top shape.

Is Google+ The Next Facebook Or Ping?

Google+, the tech giant’s answer to Facebook, arrived yesterday with a lot of hype and promise. And while Google has not yet released a native iOS app for the service just yet, the service’s Apple ties along makes it worth discussing here.

New Patent Suggests Apple Is Looking Beyond Ping And Is Working On Something Else

Although Apple had less than stellar results with its Ping application via iTunes, this doesn’t mean the company has given up on social networking altogether. In fact, a new patent suggests Apple has other ideas planned in the future to bring people together, according to news first reported by MacRumors.

Phil Schiller Really Likes The SoundTracking App

Phil Schiller - Apple's worldwide head of marketing - recently went on a Twitter spree, updating his account via the popular Soundtracking application. The free app allows users to tell the world what tracks they love, it's similar to Apple's own "social network for music," Ping.

Do We Need More “Social Interaction?”

The new iOS 4.3 beta contains lots of code concerning social networking. What is it, or what would you like it to be?

iPad Gets Ping

Good news for all of you Ping addicts (and we know there are many of you), Apple has now made Ping, its social network for music, available on the iPad.

Apple Planning To Invest In Facebook - Nope, Just A Rumor

Could Apple be planning to invest in Facebook? Nope, it's just a rumor. Not long ago, posts started appearing online regarding Apple's supposed plan to invest in Mark Zuckerberg's social network. However, this was completely false; Apple has no plans to invest in Facebook. Read on to find out more...

Could iTunes Soon Cost $1 Billion A Year To Run?

We all know and love iTunes, but do you have any idea how much Apple pays to keep the service running? With its list of features ever expanding, the annual cost of iTunes has grown exponentially, and now hovers just short of $1 billion. Impressive, but how much of a profit does Apple reap from the service...

Listen Socially With Ping

Ping is here as a part of the most recent iTunes updates for your computer and iPhone. We're here to help you understand the ins-and-outs of the first social network from Apple.

Appisode 178: Apple's Special Event Roundup

Apple's Special event may be over, but there are tons of new products to discuss. Check out the show for a complete recap of everything mentioned at Apple's Special Event in under 10 minutes.

QuickAdvice: Ping! For iPad

Ping! has always been one of the more popular iPhone-to-iPhone messaging apps, and now it looks to take over iPad messaging as well, but does it succeed?