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Today’s apps gone free: Letters from Nowhere 2, Numerical, Clone Magic and more

Today’s AGF list includes a hidden objects game, a calculator app, and a photography app.

Update Ho! Assassin's Creed Pirates Sails Forward With New Features And Treasures

Ubisoft has just unlocked another major update for its acclaimed naval combat game, Assassin's Creed Pirates.

Ubisoft Updates Assassin's Creed Pirates To Add New Area, Mission And Daily Challenges

Good news, seafarers: Assassin's Creed Pirates has received its third major update.

Arr Matey! It's Time To Recover Your Precious Swag From The Scallywags

The crime of stealing your swag can't go unpunished in Scallywags.

Shiver Me Timbers, Another Update For Assassin's Creed Pirates Has Launched

A great update for Assassin's Creed Pirates has sailed into the App Store.

Find Treasure, Swashbuckle And Sail The High Seas In Assassin's Creed: Pirates

Ubisoft has launched Assassin's Creed: Pirates in the App Store.

Pirate Music Meets Match-Three RPG In Scurvy Scallywags, Coming Soon

This new application aims to reinvent the popular "match three" genre.

Team Of Chinese Hackers Launches Pirated 'App Store' For iOS

A team of Chinese hackers has launched an unethical "app store" featuring pirated iOS applications.

Sail The Seas As A Pirate On Your iPad This Thursday

Sid Meier's Pirates! for the iPad will be hitting the App Store this coming Thursday. This is the remake of the 1987 original that is available on a couple of other platforms. The game features gorgeous 3D visuals, places to explore, and a sandbox style of gameplay.

Review: Pirates Vs Ninjas Vs Zombies Vs Pandas - What's In A Name?

It's Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas is an all out physics puzzle war. Join in on the structure smashing battle to see if the game stays upright or falls flat.

Review: Stoneship - Conquer The Open Seas

As the captain of a ship and loyal crew, you must control ports and explore the many mysterious treasure-filled islands of the dangerous seas in this turn-based strategy game. Read on to find out more.

Review: Plunderland - Arrggh There Be Treasure As We're Giving Away A Copy!

Plunderland is a side scrolling pirate adventure with real time sea battles, and it was just released yesterday. Read on to find out if it's worth picking up. Plus we're giving away a promo code to one lucky reader.