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Pixbits presents huge Christmas update to popular 2-D sandbox game Junk Jack X

Just as it did this time last year, Pixbits has released a Christmas update to Junk Jack X.

Junk Jack X's new update kicks off summertime sandbox gaming madness

Junk Jack X has just received its massive summer-themed update.

Junk Jack X Gets Its Anticipated Feature-Packed Easter Update

Junk Jack X has received a huge content update in time for Easter.

Pixbits Is Bringing Pets To Its Popular Junk Jack X

It'll soon be raining cats and dogs in Pixbits' fun sandbox game Junk Jack X.

The Sandbox Game That Keeps On Giving: Junk Jack X Gets Huge Christmas Update

Junk Jack X, the popular sandbox game developed by Pixbits, has been given its huge Christmas update.

Junk Jack X's Massive Thanksgiving Update Is Something To Be Thankful For

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Junk Jack X has just been treated to a massive update.

Pixbits Has Submitted Huge Update For Junk Jack X, Adds Thanksgiving Theme And More

Junk Jack X is about to get a major update in time for Thanksgiving.

Junk Jack Soundtrack Hits Bandcamp: iTunes And Spotify To Follow

Junk Jack fans can now enjoy listening to the game's original soundtrack online and on an iDevice.

First Update For Junk Jack X Tackles Online Misbehavior And A Whole Lot More

Junk Jack X has just received its first ever update, which makes a whole load of changes to the popular app.

Sequel To Popular Sandbox Game Junk Jack Hits The App Store With Lots Of 'X-tras'

Junk Jack X, the sequel to Junk Jack, has just hit the App Store.

You Got A Date With Junk Jack In This Valentine's Update

In celebration of Valentine's Day, the popular Minecraft-like 2-D sandbox game Junk Jack has just received a short but sweet update.

Popular 2D Universe-Building Game Junk Jack Goes Universal

The latest Junk Jack update adds universal support and lots more.

Junk Jack Receives An Avalanche Of Updates

Pixbits seems to be making a huge effort with Junk Jack as the updates just keep coming.

Junk Jack Looks Like It Was Made From The Minecraft Engine

A new platformer is coming to iOS and it looks inspired by the Minecraft engine and Terraria. It is called Junk Jack and is coming from Pixbits.