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Pilots have a lot to deal with: weather conditions, airport information, runway information, logging information, doing calculations, etc. The apps in this AppList can be a big help for any pilot who flies planes regularly.

Greg Sapienza

Racing Of The Future - In Your Hand Today

There is an exciting new sport called Rocket Racing coming, and one of the ways they are introducing themselves to the world through the app store. While the Rocket Racing League has yet to lift off, you can experience it now on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Scott Grizzle

QuickAdvice: MiniSquadron Special Edition

MiniSquadron Special Edition (Free) by MrFungFung is the sequel to the highly popular and successful MiniSquadron. Its a fast paced, 2D, all out shooter game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. You must pilot your plane in a frantic battle to destroy everything else in the sky.

Phil Wheeler

AirDrop Pro - Free Until April 22

AirDrop Pro is a great new skill game for iPhone and to promote it's launch the developers are offering it for FREE until April 22nd 2010. Your mission is to air drop the cargo onto the targets which requires good reactions and perfect judgement. This app tests your reactions and timing so if you're a fan of skill games then AirDrop Pro is well worth a look at while it's free

Phil Wheeler