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Push The Tempo In Rhythm-Based Platformer Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a new rhythm-based action platformer, which is available to download now in the App Store.

Platformer Fans Should Pay Attention To The Mutant Mudds

Now the Mutant Mudds are available on your iOS device for your water-dowsing pleasure.

Don't Let The Shadows Get The Best Of You, LAD

Looking for some Limbo-inspired platform puzzle action for your iPhone? That's what this beautiful game wants to deliver, but does it hold up?

Missing Classic Platformer Games? Kid Vector Has Your Back

Remember when platform games were just about skill? Then meet Kid Vector, who plays homage to those classic games.

League Of Evil Is Back, Baby! This Sequel Is A Must For Any Platform Fan

Now that we've had some time with the sequel to League of Evil, here's what we think of it!

Get Some Retro Platform Action With Bit-1

Remember the golden days of gaming with retro graphics with simple gameplay, yet actually having a challenge? Bit-1 revisits the good old days.

On Second Thought, Apple Doesn't Expand Subscription Service To Games

Less than a day after Big Fish claimed Apple had allowed them to start charging a subscription fee for their iPad games, Apple has removed the service from the App Store. Available since November 18, the now-defunct plan would have done to games what Netflix does for movies and TV shows, allow people to rent them for a monthly subscription fee, according to Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg: Apple Expands Subscription Service To Games

We're hearing some surprising and unexpected news from Bloomberg that suggests Apple has decided to allow subscription based game distribution in the App Store.

Mega Man Clone For iPhone Hits The App Store

If you are bummed out because Capcom hasn't released more Mega Man titles on the App Store, check out Autoboy. This game plays like those in the Mega Man series, but the focus is on boss fights rather than level-based platforming. The controls are great and the game does plays a lot like Mega Man.