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platform game

The line is the limit in Stick Robo Hero, a new robot roller

Roll your robot from platform to platform by stretching your stick in this fun new game.

AppAdvice Daily: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch and the best new games

New iPhones are hitting stores today and we have the best new games to play while you wait.

A Chance To Win Crazy Hedgy For iPhone And iPad

Here's your chance to win Crazy Hedgy for iPhone and iPad.

"Another World" Is Out Of This World, Literally And Figuratively

Somehow, this old classic flew in under the radar, and it's an epic must-have!

Roll Your Way To Happiness With Hedgehog Adventure HD, Plus Win A Copy

Hedgehog Adventure is an iPad-only, side-scrolling platform game that will leave you drooling with nostalgia at how perfectly portrayed the adventure is. There is also an iPhone/iPod touch compatible version for the same low price.

Emberwind Makes Platforming On The iPhone Cool Again

Emberwind brings retro-style platforming to the iPhone, sporting killer graphics, a deep game world, and more goblin whacking than an afternoon at daycare.

"Spoing" Another In A Long Line Of Pick-Up-And-Play Chillingo Hits

"Spoing" (and its HD iPad counterpart) is a fun, new action platformer with slingshot controls.

Steve Jobs To Become Baddie-Fighting Freedom Plumber. Maybe.

Super Steve Bros., a Nintendo-aping retro platformer, may already be down the App Store drain.

Babylonian Twins - The Quest for Peace in Ancient Iraq

Babylonian Twins is a fantastic new puzzle platform game with unique two character gameplay. Babylonian Twins was first developed for the Amiga, 16 years ago, but was never released due to the demise of commodore. The original development team have been reunited to bring this action packed platform adventure to iPhone along with a HD version for iPad.