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platform games

Top 10 games on Apple TV

Playing games on the Apple TV is a ton of fun and today we are showing off our top 10 favorites.

Best puzzle games of all time

Get ready for your brain to hurt in the best way with the best puzzle games of all time.

Best new iOS gaming round-up

Stop searching the App Store for new games, we're rounding the best ones up on today's show.

Stop, drop and scroll with our best new games of the week

Ducks and wizards are taking over our favorite new games on today's AppAdvice Daily.

AppAdvice Daily: Pair up with Stranger for our best new games of the week

We have a great deck of games today so don't be a stranger, you need to watch today's AppAdvice Daily.

AppAdvice Daily: The iPhone preorder issues and best new games of the week

Distract yourself from your preorder problems with our best new games of the week.

AppAdvice Daily: Check out the best new games of the week

Get ready to go around the world and explore an ancient pyramid with the best new games of the week.

AppAdvice Daily: Get your game on this weekend with Alphabeats and Beyond Gravity

Make words to the beat and defy gravity with our best new games of the week.

The Original King Of Action Returns To iOS In Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project

Duke Nukem is back on iOS. And this time, he's taking his Mighty Boot to the Big Apple.

X WaterMan Tries To Be Super Mario Bros. But Those Are Big Shoes To Fill

Take on the enemies of X World in this side-scrolling platform game.

Free The Round People From Enslavement By The Squares

Roll your way to freedom in this side-scrolling platform game.

Grab Some Sunscreen Because You’ll Be Saying Aloha From Hawaii Soon

Who needs Madagascar? These penguins are headed for Hawaii instead.

No Bullies Allowed In Wimp: Who Stole My Panties HD

Help a giggling blob find his panties before the blue bullies do in this side-scrolling puzzle adventure.

Save Souls From Eternal Damnation In Hasta La Muerte

Play as an emissary of Death in this unique platform game.

Wawa Land Pays Respect To The Master Without Being A Clone

This side-scrolling platform adventure is just like the classics, but with better graphics. You may be collecting coins and squishing enemies, but it is no copycat game.

Super Bob Needs Your Help To Save Earth

Take a trip down memory lane with this pixelated 2-D platform throwback. Get it now, while it is on sale.

Do Goats Dream Of Electric Sheep? Find Out By Playing Dreamy Goat

Take a ride on a rocking whale and travel across a dreamland in this side scrolling platform adventure. Grab a pillow and try not to wake up as you explore music and art in a unique and interesting way.

A Storm Of Swords Awaits In The Latest Game From The Makers Of Soosiz

The developer of the ultra-popular Soosiz is finally releasing a brand new game.

Sequel To Popular Platform And Puzzle Game Hatching Soon On iOS

Toki Tori 2 is set for release later this year for Mac, PC and, of course, iOS.

Escape To A Fantasy World And Fall Under The Spell Of The Great Shaman

Gametopia Games has recently come out with its first foray into iOS gaming with Clippox Exodus.

Free Yourself From The Tyranny Of Two-Dimensional Gaming With Paper Monsters

Paper Monsters is an adorable new game that revolutionizes the platform gaming genre. No longer are players relegated to two-dimensional side scrolling.