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pocket god

Pocket God Reaches Update Number 40, Battle Of The Gods

Updates, updates, updates. We see them pop up all the time. In fact, as I write this I have four available, and Pocket God is one of them. I don't really keep track of the numerous updates (though AppAdvice does), but I’m guessing Pocket God probably has more than any other app, clocking in at number 40 with an episode called, Battle of the Gods.

Jared Erondu

Annihilate The Mugat2 On Your iPad With Pocket Devil HD

Eyedip's controversial and yet devilishly entertaining Pocket God clone, Pocket Devil, has arrived in the App Store for the iPad. Today, appropriately, is Friday the 13th, so you can be sure that the Mugat2's luck isn't going to get any better even on Apple's magical large screen device.

Tyler Tschida