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Pokémon Shuffle Mobile has launched in Japan

A fun, new Pokémon mobile game should be headed your way soon.

Pokemon TCG Online for iPad updated with XY—Phantom Forces expansion

Pokemon TCG Online has received its first major update, just over a month after its official launch on iOS.

Camp Pokemon, the second game to feature the cartoon characters, has arrived on the App Store

Designed for younger children, the game allows players to explore an immersive island filled with Pokemon-themed activities.

Gotta collect 'em all: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online for iPad is now officially out

Pokemon TCG Online is now officially available on the App Store worldwide.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online for iPad soft-launched on the App Store in Canada

Pokemon TCG Online for iPad has just been soft-launched on the App Store.

Hey you, Pikachu! An official Pokemon game is coming to iOS

An official Pokemon game is set to arrive on iOS soon.

Gotta Collect 'Em All And Create Your Epic Legacy In The New Monster Legacy RPG

Monster Legacy is a monster-collecting RPG that challenges you to capture elemental monsters and build your own very own monster team.

The Long-Awaited Monster Adventures Is Here, But Is It Worth Your Time?

Sometimes, even the most anticipated titles can be a bit of a flop.

Pokémon In The App Store? Well, Sort Of

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

What’s That, You Say? Nintendo In The App Store? I’ll Believe It When I See It

Nintendo may be softening its stance on releasing titles for other platforms.

Developer Relays Story Of App Store Scammer Email From China

Do you want your app to rocket to the Top 10 list in the App Store? For just a "small" fee, apparently you can.

Scam Pokemon Apps Pulled From App Store

As quickly as they climbed the paid charts this weekend, a pair of fake Pokemon apps have been thankfully pulled from the App Store.

Prepare For Trouble And Make It Double: These Pokemon Apps Are A Scam

Don't be fooled by the fake Pokemon apps in the App Store — they're scams!

Bad News, PokéFans: While Official Pokémon App Is Coming, Nintendo Isn't Going To Offer More

Oh, bad news, PokéFans: As many of you will remember, the other day we told you that an official Pokémon application is App Store-bound. This got a lot of people wondering whether Nintendo was planning on bringing more apps, maybe classics like Super Mario Bros. or the original Pokémon games, to the App Store. However, Nintendo has recently confirmed that this is not the case, and that despite the aforementioned iPhone app, the company will continue to only develop software for its own hardware.

Good News, PokéFans: Official Pokémon App Coming Soon To App Store

Ah, Pokémon: Endless hours of my youth were spent hunched over a Game Boy Advance, catching "pocket monsters" in the wild grasses of Kanto. I loved the TV show, the movies and even the trading cards, too - and though I've grown up now, I still feel slightly downhearted that those little creatures still haven't made their way into the App Store.

Raise Over 300 Monsters In GeoSociety For iPhone

Pokemon fans who have been awaiting a similar game on the iDevices, wait no more. GeoSociety has recently hit the App Store and offers gameplay that resembles that of the Nintendo series. You can breed, tame and battle various monsters while exploring an RPG world.