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Pong case for iPhone may reduce your radiation exposure

We're taking a look at a case that claims to protect your phone and your health.

AppAdvice Daily: Zip Through Photos, Type Faster And A Chickie Bear Giveaway

If you loved the old game of Pong get ready for Chickie Bear, plus we'll be featuring Prism, and Jot - Refined Text Editor all on today's AppAdvice Daily.

Paddle Up And Prepare To Conquer The First Official Pong Title For iOS From Atari

Are you ready to paddle up and play the next generation of Pong? Then prepare to enter Pong World.

Pong Indie Developer Challenge Winners Show How To Bring A Legendary Classic Into The New Age

Announced in February, the Pong Indie Developer Challenge was an open call for independent software developers to prove if they had what it takes to reinvent a decades old classic. Now we discover what could be the official next generation of Pong could be, and one that's headed to iOS.

Atari Launches Pong Indie Developer Challenge, Contest Rules Deemed Exploitive

Atari just announced the Pong Indie Developer Challenge, but developers are not too happy with the rules.

Cybernarium Breaks Into The App Store, Now On Sale

Cybernarium is a universal, futuristic arcade game that is like Breakout, but with much better graphics and more intricate gameplay. No offense to fans of the retro pong-style game, but this is not your parents’ Breakout.

New aaSiege Is First Alphabetically, If Nothing Else

Ports of classic games to iOS have reinvigorated interest in many older platforms. Click through to see if aaSiege invigorates anything.

Take Pong To The Next Level With MultiPong

MultiPong is a revolutionary game that revamps the classic arcade title Pong. Read ahead to find out more.

Top AppAdvice News & Apps Of The Past Week

Angry Birds invades Rio, Tiger Woods aims to please, and of course, the iPad 2 debuts in 25 additional countries in stories that made news during the last week.

New AppGuide: Pong For iPad

Pong is one of the oldest arcade styled video games. It made its debut back in 1972. It is now almost 40 years later and the game has been given new life by consoles like the Playstation and XBox. The App Store has no shortage of pong apps. We find the best ones and compare them in this AppGuide.

Review: Bit.Trip Beat - Reinventing Pong Yet Again

Namco has just released Bit.Trip Beat, a unique retro-themed rhythm pong game. How much fun will this bit-graphic digital wonderland provide? Read on to find out more.