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Hatchi Goes Social In Latest Update: Personalized Facebook Notifications Added

The popular Tamagotchi-style application Hatchi has received another update.

Hatchi's Latest Update Adds A Brand New Botanical Egg

The fun Tamagotchi-style app Hatchi has received an update.

Hatchi Hatches Another Update: Adds New Mountain Egg, Fixes Bugs

Another update for Hatchi has appeared in the App Store, adding a new "Mountain Egg" and making a series of bug fixes.

Is Your Retro Virtual Pet Better Than Everyone Else's? Find Out In Hatchi Battling

The popular retro virtual pet app Hatchi has hatched another update. And this one's sure to get some fireballs rolling.

Raise Your Very Own Extraterrestrial In Alien Hatchi

Alien Hatchi is an iPhone-only portable Tamagotchi style pet.

Pixelated Pets Now Up For Adoption In Latest Version Of Hatchi

Hatchi, an iOS game inspired by a certain '90s plaything with a rhyming name, has just hatched a new update.