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Leaked iOS 8 Screenshots Show New Icons For Healthbook, TextEdit, Preview

Beyond the new apps, the unreleased software will apparently look very much like iOS 7.

Two Mac Applications Could Soon Make The Jump To Apple's iOS

A new report says Apple is working on two new iCloud apps.

Hands-On With Upcoming Space Disorder

If Jetpack Joyride and Sonic had a baby, you would have Space Disorder.

Sneak Peek Of The Tron App Evolution

We were invited to Disney Mobile's special Tron app event. They showed off an update to their free Tron app with a new Light Cycles game, plus an upcoming Tron: Legacy game. Read on to find out all about it.

Preview: Death Worm & Sliverfish Submitted To Apple And Trailers Released

Death Worm and Silverfish are two upcoming games that have just been submitted to Apple. You can see them in action with their respective trailers, and read all the details.

Sneak Peek: Hands On With Tilt To Live HD

Tilt To Live HD is coming soon to an iPad near you. Is it just upscaled graphics, or something new and different for a change? Click through to find out all about it in our hands on sneak peek.

Sneak Peek: Hands On With Super Mage Worm - Worm To Earth's Rescue

We have a hands on preview with Super Mega Worm who's duty is to clean the Earth from the scourge that is humanity. Read on to find out all about the upcoming game.

Tapbots New Listbot App Spied

Tapbots, the makers of successful apps such as Calcbot, Pastebot, Convertbot and Weightbot is apparently hard at work on a new bot app to help us manage our lives.

Preview: Glow Puzzle, Neon Enigmas For Free!

If you're a fan of iPhone puzzle games, then you're going to love Glow Puzzle, which is due to be released in around a week's time. Read on to check out our preview of the game, and find out exactly why you should be excited for this great free app's release!

Preview: Gravity Runner, Fast-Paced Running Right-Side Up And Upside Down

Gravity Runner is an upcoming Canabalt-style iPhone game with a big twist. Read on to find out my hands-on impressions of the game...

Hands-On Preview Of Aqueduct, Kieffer Bros’ Upcoming iPhone Puzzle Game

Kieffer Bros., the creators of hit titles like Abca and Orba, will soon bring you a new puzzle game that will push those neurons to the limits.

From E3: Chillingo Keeps The Hits Coming

Chillingo was ready for E3 with many different iPhone and iPad games to show. Click through to read out all about them, and they will all be available sooner than you think.

Two New Battle Bears Titles Revealed For iPhone And iPad - Screenshots Included

Not one but two new Battle Bears games are set to hit the App Store in the coming months, and we have some screenshots to prove it.

From GDC: Hands On Preview Of Gameloft’s Zombie Infection And Fishing Kings

Gameloft gave us hands on time with two additional games during GDC. We played Zombie Infection which is a Resident Evil clone, and Fishing Kings which is similar to Flick Fishing. Find out all about them inside.

From GDC: Hands On Preview Of Gameloft's Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

AT GDC we got hands on time with Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction. The iPhone version is similar to the console game of the same name. Read on to find out all the details.

'We Rule' is Live in Canada - Hands On Preview For the Rest of the World

We Rule is now live in Canada. We have some hands on thoughts and video of ngmoco's newest freemium game. We Rule is from the developers of Words with Friends and Chess with Friends. Find out all the details inside.