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Show Off, Decorate And Save Memories With These Apps

We have the best new apps and updates of the week on today's AppAdvice Daily.

CES 2013: The xPrintServer Makes iDevice Printing Simple

Lose the headaches of printing from your iPhone or iPad with this incredibly simple solution.

Google Introduces Mobile Printing For Gmail From iOS Devices

Google is rolling out Google Cloud Print for Gmail on iOS and other mobile devices. This makes printing possible from your iPhone without the compatibility hassles of AirPrint or third-party apps. Unfortunately, restrictions apply. Click through to learn more.

Printing From Your iPad Or iPhone For $99? Not Yet.

As a follow-up to our previous story, "Print Directly From Your iPhone Or iPad For Only $99", we have a very important update. Many trying to use the printers as advertised are coming up disappointed and now we know why.

Print Directly From Your iPhone Or iPad For Only $99

The capabilities of Apple's iDevices have been expanding. Document viewing and editing have become more common, bringing a growing need for printing capability. Luckily, HP is now offering a simple, inexpensive solution that will do just that.

Humor: iPad Printing Made Simple

Who said the iPad can't print?