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Apple posts customer letter in response to FBI's iPhone unlocking demand

Apple’s open letter to customers says in no uncertain terms that it is opposing FBI’s order in relation to the San Bernardino case.

Dashlane 4 takes on 1Password and LastPass with new design and features

Dashlane has just been updated to version 4 across all of the password management and secure vault app’s supported platforms.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks iPad Pro, privacy and more in new interview

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Tim Cook talked about key topics including Apple’s new devices and commitment to privacy.

Apple, others, want the USA Patriot Act revised or not renewed

The US Patriot Act expires on June 1, unless it is renewed.

Snapchat's settlement with FTC over deceitful privacy practices gains final approval

The FTC has announced that it has finalized a settlement with Snapchat.

Google restores option to disable on-device history in its official search app for iOS

Google has just updated its namesake search engine app for iOS with the return of an important privacy option.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg goes after Tim Cook, Apple

The Facebook CEO was responding to a comment Tim Cook made earlier this year.

Intel acquires 1Password competitor PasswordBox for its Security Group

The acquisition effectively hires all of PasswordBox’s 48 employees into the Intel Security Group.

Twitter starts tracking apps on users' iOS devices to build 'more tailored experience'

As part of its new “app graph” program, Twitter has begun tracking the apps installed on its users’ mobile devices.

'WireLurker' Mac and iOS malware site and perpetrators brought to justice in China

These developments were announced on Friday in a statement by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security.

Apple responds to recently publicized 'Masque Attack' malware app issue

Apple has issued a statement regarding the recently publicized "Masque Attack" security flaw.

Updated: New 'WireLurker' malware found to infect Mac and iOS devices in China

A new malware campaign said to be “the biggest in scale” in its targeting of Mac and iOS users has just been uncovered.

US Court: Passcodes are protected under the law

Criminals may want to protect their phone data with a passcode.

Apple reiterates commitment to user privacy following Spotlight Suggestions 'backlash'

The report on the alleged lack of privacy of Apple's Spotlight Suggestions has been greatly exaggerated.

The FBI director wants Apple to stop encrypting user data

The FBI director isn't happy with Apple or Google.

Apple to require app-specific passwords for iCloud starting tomorrow, Oct. 9

Apple is set to require app-specific passwords for third-party apps that connect with iCloud starting tomorrow, Oct. 10.

Apple launches new Web tool for checking status of Activation Lock on iOS devices

Apple has just launched a new Web tool that lets you easily check the Activation Lock status of an iOS device.

Apple launches campaign focused on user privacy with message from CEO Tim Cook

Apple has today launched a new campaign focused on its commitment to its customers' privacy.

Apple to soon require app-specific passwords for iCloud-connected third-party apps

Apple is set to soon require app-specific passwords for apps that connect with iCloud.

You can now stream part two of Apple CEO Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose

Watch part two of Apple CEO Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose here.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about privacy in part two of his interview with Charlie Rose

Apple CEO Tim Cook's interview with Charlie Rose is set to continue airing with its second part tonight.

Apple CEO Tim Cook addresses iCloud celebrity photo hack in WSJ interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken up for the first time about the recent iCloud nude celebrity photo hacking incident.

Apple updates privacy rules for health apps integrated with HealthKit

Apple has updated its privacy rules pertaining to health apps.