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privacy concerns

Music Tracker points to serious privacy concerns in Apple Music

Your music library has a serious privacy vulnerability.

AppAdvice Daily: The best third party keyboards, how to use them and privacy concerns

Get ready to swipe, type, and much more with third party keyboards.

Could Apple's Latest Hire Suggest A Health Program Is Inbound?

Apple's latest hire could prove significant, according to a recent report.

Apple's Siri Remembers Everything We Tell Her For Two Years

Your voice commands to Siri are stored on Apple's servers for two years.

If The Cops Get Your Smartphone, They're Free To Impersonate You

If your smartphone is seized, the police can make you into someone you're not.

Artist Uses Apple Store To Secretly Snap Blank-Faced Computer Users

Kyle McDonald walks the fine line between high art and high crime.

Google Fined Record Amount For 'Spying' On Mobile Safari Users

The Federal Trade Commission is about to levy its biggest monetary penalty ever.

Facebook's Acquisition Of Instagram Just Another Question Mark For Internet Privacy

Private Instagram users are facing the mother of all reality checks.

California Attorney General Strikes Privacy Deal With Apple, Others

California's Kamala D. Harris works with tech companies to lay out a plan for privacy reform.

Google's Safari Exploit Draws Privacy-Based Class Action Lawsuit

As expected, Google's been hit with a class action lawsuit in response to last week's Safari snafu.

Google Exploits Safari Bug, Tracks Browsing Without Your Consent

Another week, another privacy scandal. Google's just maintaining the status quo.

Path App Uploads User Address Books Without Permission

Is anyone still surprised when a social service uses personal information in an "unexpected" manner? Apparently so.

Embedded Analytics Company Under Fire Amid Privacy Concerns

Read on to learn everything we know about the new Carrier IQ controversy.

How Secure Is Our iDevice Data? Not Very Much - Report

Much has been made in recent days of Apple’s so called “consolidate.db” file and its ability to track our every move using an iDevice. However, while Apple is set to eliminate those concerns by way of an iOS 4.3.3 update, this doesn’t end the matter in terms of privacy.

New iPhone Tracking Controversy Is Debated, Could Be Simple Bug

More information has been uncovered about Apple’s file, which apparently tracks our every move. For privacy advocates, it is probably very good news. It appears that the file was never supposed to track our every move forever, and because of this, the problem should eventually be solved. However, is this the end of the story?