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project magazine

Top AppAdvice Industry & App News Of The Week

The upcoming iPhone and iOS 5 continue making news. Here are some of the top stories of the past week.

Dumbed Down Project Magazine App Might Just Work

Before the hype that was The Daily, we heard a lot about Richard Branson’s Project Magazine app, the first iPad-only monthly magazine. Now, after six issues, Project has been completely rebuilt for Issue #7. Good or bad?

E-Magazines Won't Survive Simply By Offering Freebie Issues

Thanks to a sponsorship from Adobe, the May 2011 issue of Wired Magazine for iPad is being made available for free when it is released later today in the App Store. But, are freebies the way to get new readers of e-magazines?

No Joke: Richard Branson's Latest Issue Of Project Magazine For iPad Is Free

The latest issue of Richard Branson’s Project Magazine for iPad has been released and it’s available to customers for absolutely free. This news came from a notification, which clarified it was no April Fools Day joke.

Project Magazine's Second Issue Impresses

Repackaging paper magazines for the iPad isn't working. What is working is Richard Branson's iPad-only magazine, Project. The second issue has just been released.