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Yahoo Acquires DreamWorks-Incubated Video-Sharing App Ptch

Yahoo appears to be not quite done yet with its startup shopping spree this year.

Ptch Hopes To Scare Up Some Business With 'Paranormal Activity 4' Promotion

Paramount Pictures and Ptch have announced a new promotion ahead of the release of "Paranormal Activity 4." As part of the promotion, you could win free tickets to the movie, which begins Oct. 19.

PhotoTwee Lets You Get Your Message Across In A Creative New Way

PhotoTwee makes sure your Twitter feed is never boring again.

Ptch Shares Your Most Important And Carefree Moments, 60 Seconds At A Time

Ptch hopes to change the way you share your life stories using your iPhone. The DreamWorks app using photos and videos to create your perfect "live media" slideshow.