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pulse news

Pulse News For iPhone Receives Significant Update That Includes Improved Navigation And More

One of the most popular newsreader apps for iOS is out with a significant update. Pulse News 3.0 is now available in the App Store.

After The Voting Ends, Check Out These Apps For The Results

As the spin ends, America is finally about to go to the polls. Here are great apps to watch as the election results come in.

The iPhone 5 Doesn't 'Just Work'

The iPhone 5's biggest weakness is Apple's app approval process.

Murdoch's The Daily Could Be Kaput By Fall

Once promising iPad app could be at death's door.

Zite's Acquisition By CNN Proves Not All Takeovers Are Bad

While we don’t yet know what changes will come to OMGPOP’s popular Draw Something app or to Instagram, the photo app created by Burbn, the Zite/CNN partnership does suggest not all acquisitions are bad.

Pulse News Updated - Adds Redesigned Catalogue, Smart Dock, New User Interface

Pulse News for iPhone and Pulse News for iPad (both free) have recently received a great update, adding a redesigned catalogue, a new feature called "Smart Dock" and an improved user interface to the popular applications.

Visual News From iPad Keynote, Now Appears For The iPhone

Visually appealing news reader Pulse, which was shown in Apple's keynote for the iPad, was quickly pulled due to a spat with the New York Times. It has finally returned to the App Store, and is now also available for the iPhone and iPod touch.