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Trace Your Way Past City Lines in This Charming Puzzler

Solve puzzles and visit the world in this cute game.

The popular Bicolor gets updated to add more minimalistic levels

Bicolor, the minimalistic puzzler, has received a nice update adding new content to the universal app.

Damn Little Town Is A New, Spooky Puzzler That Comes In Two Parts

Damn Little Town offers gamers an interesting iOS puzzler experience, and it's available to download now.

Help A Millipede Learn How To Fly In Millie, A Fun New Puzzler For iOS

Millie borrows elements of the classic "Snake" mobile game to offer a fun puzzler for iOS.

Sometimes You Die Is A New iOS Puzzler Like No Other

Sometimes You Die is an interesting new app that turns the iOS puzzler on its head.

Faif Looks To Be An RPG-Puzzler Like No Other

Faif is a fun new app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch that launched earlier today.

Double Dynamo Will Offer iDevice Users A Workout For Their Brain

The upcoming Double Dynamo could leave your brain feeling pretty exhausted.

Popular Mac Game Strata Launches For iOS, Offers A Unique Puzzle Experience

Looking for a new iOS puzzler? Strata could be worth a download.

BoXperiments Gets Better And Goes Free In 2.0 Update

BoXperiments could be your new favorite iOS puzzler, and is available to download for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Get Your Ugly On With Bumpin' Uglies

These ugly creatures need your help in dominating the gene pool, so it's time to get bumpin'.

Solving These iPhone Puzzles Is A Treat

Puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, most of which can be found and enjoyed on your iPhone. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best of each “genre” of puzzle game, so that every puzzle lover will find a favorite.

Black Chair Games Announces LAD, A Mysterious Platform Puzzler Coming To iOS

In a small announcement over the holiday weekend, Black Chair Games revealed preview screenshots and a "work in progress" trailer for their upcoming platform puzzler, LAD.

Qvoid Offers A Deep And Universal Puzzling Experience

Qvoid takes cubist puzzling to a whole new level on the iPhone and iPad.

Web-Slinging Meets Rope Cutting in Spider Jack HD

If you are a fan of Cut the Rope style puzzlers, you are going to love Spider Jack. And if you’re not, this action-puzzler may be just the hybrid of genres to change your mind.

Crates Night Shift Now On iPhone. Enter To Win A Copy With A Comment

Crates Night Shift is the new iPhone and iPod touch version of their hit iPad game. It launched recently and has teamed up with the developer to bring you a free copy.

Scarabeus: Pearls of Nile HD; A Logic Game With A Literal Twist

Scarabeus: Pearl of the Nile HD is the new iPad port of the award winning iPhone game that bears the same name. It is one of the most original and challenging logic-puzzlers I’ve seen on the App Store. But, is there such as thing as too hard? Judge for yourself.

Puzzle Lovers Rejoice: Win Crates Night Shift HD With A Comment

Crates Night Shift HD is responsive, looks good and is certain to hook puzzle addicts, especially those sick of matching or bird-themes. Want to win a copy? Read on and leave a comment!

Sick Of Birds? Burn It All For iOS Is The Hot Burning Game Of The Week

Burn It All - Journey to the Sun, is only a day old in its iOS incarnation, was launched on a best day for new games in months, and is already a hit. For good reason too, find out why.

Kaleidoscopic Seek-N-Find: Play Kalei HD

Chilling's new game, Play Kalei, is a seek-and-find puzzler with a twist. It's all about matching Kaleidoscopic snippets? Confused? It's easier, and more fun, than you think.

If It Walks Like A Lemming And Talks Like A Lemming It Must Be… Caveman_HD? Win A Copy With A Comment

It looks like Lemmings. It sounds like Lemmings. It plays like Lemmings. So why is it called Caveman_Hd? Read on to find out and win a copy with a comment!

Quick Thinking And Fast Tapping Needed To Rescue Profitville HD

Profitville HD (available for iPhone and Mac separately), borrows a theme from classic shape sorting games, adds a dash of conveyer-belt madness, and comes up with an original game that will have you tapping for hours. This game is a winner!

This Is Not Your Grandma's Matching Game: PvNvZvP: Puzzle Wars HD

Puzzle Wars HD is a match-four game where the larger the grouping and the more combos you make, the higher you score. Nothing new, right? Wrong! Pan Vision AB brings action and irony to the iPad puzzler with PvZvNvP: Puzzle Wars HD.