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The Timex Ironman One GPS+ smart watch might make us forget Apple's 'iWatch'

The Ironman One GPS+ smart watch offers standalone wireless connectivity without a phone.

Intel Would Like To Return To The Apple Fold In 2015

Intel would like to once again provide baseband processors for Apple's iPhone.

Apple Rumored To Develop Baseband iPhone Chips In-House

Apple may now be designing their own baseband chips.

Manufacturers Are Having Problems Creating Apple's 'iWatch'

Apple’s so-called “iWatch” is seeing poor yield rates stemming from "difficulties applying surface treatments on their metal injection molded (MIM) chassis.”

No Longer A Gimmick, Qualcomm Admits: A7 Chip 'Hit Us In The Gut'

One Qualcomm insider explains how the company really received Apple's A7 processor.

Qualcomm Decides Apple's 64-Bit A7 Isn't A 'Marketing Gimmick,' After All

Qualcomm has backtracked on comments made by its chief marketing officer last week.

Qualcomm Could Be Supplying Chips For The Budget iPhone

Qualcomm could be the company supplying chips for the budget iPhone.

Apple Could Have Brought Us The iPhone 25 Years Earlier But Didn't

We could have been using iPhones much earlier if Apple had made a different decision in the 1990s.

Apple Attempts To Purchase Exclusive Access To TSMC Chip Production For iDevices

According to a new report from Bloomberg, both Apple and Qualcomm recently attempted to purchase exclusive access to chip supplies from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), but failed, as the chip supplier instead wishes to avoid signing an exclusive deal.

The Hit-Miss DigiTimes Claims Chip Suppliers Are Readying Stock For Sixth-Gen iPhone

A new report from DigiTimes - the trade publication that, we should note, isn't always accurate in its statements and predictions - has announced that chip suppliers are readying stock for the sixth-generation iPhone, which is said to become available this fall.

Apple Supplier Qualcomm Having Problems Meeting Demand For LTE Chip

While recent rumors have regarded what the new iPhone might look like on the outside, there might be trouble brewing for what's inside Apple's next iOS product.

Qualcomm's New Silicon Could Allow For 4G World Phone Connectivity For iDevices

Newly announced silicon by Qualcomm could help Apple use a single chip for use on the many different and incompatible networks across the world.

Apple Sues Motorola Over Qualcomm Patent, Samsung For Its Use Of Autocorrect

This week, Apple has sent its lawyers after both Motorola and Samsung. According to reports from Reuters and paidContent, Apple is suing Motorola for the company's use of Qualcomm technology, while Samsung is being targeted because of its autocorrect feature (among other iOS patents).

Qualcomm Releases Augmented Reality SDK For iOS, Expect More Impressive AR Apps Soon

As originally noted by TechCrunch, Qualcomm has released its Augmented Reality Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS. The SDK allows iOS developers to create impressive augmented reality applications, and is available to download now over at Qualcomm's website.

Qualcomm To Bring Augmented Reality SDK To iOS - Inch High Stunt Guy Coming To iPhone

Qualcomm is planning on bringing its impressive Augmented Reality Software Development Kit to iOS, according to a recent report.

iPad 2: Production To Begin In February?

Production of the second generation iPad is set to begin in February. Read on to find out what is rumored to be new ...

Maker Of CDMA Chips Looking For iPhone Developer

Qualcomm, a leading manufacturer of CDMA radio chips like those used in Verizon's Android offerings, is now looking for an iPhone developer.