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That Was 'Qwik': Yahoo Acquires Automatic Video Creation App Startup Qwiki

Yahoo is showing no signs of stopping its shopping spree as it has just announced its latest acquisition: Qwiki.

Yahoo Looks To Social Video Service Qwiki For Its Next Acquisition

Yahoo is reportedly planning on purchasing another popular online service.

Qwiki Hopes To Prove That We Need Yet Another Social Video App For iPhone

Tell your story via the new Qwiki for iPhone app.

Some Of The Best iPad Apps Of 2011, So Far

With July almost over, we’re headed into the final five months of 2011. With that in mind, we thought now would be a great time to look back and consider our favorite iPad apps since January.

The Best iPad Apps Of The Week

More Angry Birds, a great blogging tool, and some old vinyl albums made up some of the best iPad apps of the week. But, which app was the best?

Qwiki Brings Wikipedia To Life With Videos, Info Graphics And Narration

Today’s app du jour seems to be Qwiki, a fascinating iPad app making its debut in the App Store. It presents Wikipedia information in a unique way that is perfect for Apple’s device. Besides, its backed up by a Facebook Co-founder, which doesn't hurt.

Qwiki For iPad Might Change The Way You Search The Web

If scanning through Wikipedia pages to research something is too much of an effort, Qwiki, an upcoming service that's a cross between Wolfram|Alpha and YouTube is definitely for you. Best of all, it's coming to the iPad.