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Become a Professional Dogsledder in Dog Sled Saga

Winter has arrived early, and it brought along a bunch of cute dogs with it.

Paint the town while outrunning the cops in Splash Cars

Splash Cars is like the love child of Pako - Car Chase Simulator and Splatoon.

Crush cars with wrestling stars in MMX Racing Featuring WWE

In the latest installment of MMX Racing, wrestling stars show up to try to take you down.

Pixelbite Announces Reckless Racing 3, But Details Are Scarce

Reckless Racing 3 is set to drift into the App Store this fall, according to its developer.

MMX Racing Offers A Crash-tastic Monster Truck Experience For iOS Gamers

Grab your monster truck and drive in Hutch Games' new MMX Racing.

Real Racing 3 Updated To Add 'Open Wheelers,' Expanded Roster And Much More

Real Racing 3 has just received a car-packed update.

Are You Ready To Be The Best Biker Around? Find Out In Trials Frontier

Fans of the Trials franchise can now have a proper bike racing game on their iOS devices.

Smash Bandits Becomes Smash Bandits Racing: Gets New Mode, New Cars And More

Smash Bandits Racing has drifted into the App Store and can be downloaded now.

Following Its Soft Launch, ACR DRIFT Cruises Into The US App Store

ACR DRIFT is now available to download internationally following its soft launch in Australia.

Help Joe Danger And Friends Get To Infinity And Beyond In Joe Danger Infinity

Joe Danger Infinity has finally landed in the App Store, and it's definitely been worth the wait.

Ready, Set, Go! Miniature Mayhem Awaits In Rail Racing For iOS

Rail Racing promises to offer iDevice gamers a fun Hot Wheels-style gaming experience.

Jet Car Stunts 2 Is A Worthy Successor To The Original Racing Game

The new version of Jet Car Stunts is packed with the same fun and challenge of the original, but taken to a whole new level.

Birthday Celebrations To See Ridge Racer Slipstream Launch For iOS This Month

It looks like a new title in the Ridge Racer series is set to drift into the App Store this month.

LEGO's Latest iOS Game Brings Pullback Racer Cars To Life

LEGO Pullback Racers brings pullback racer cars to life on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Mech Rally To Offer iDevice Owners A Sci-Fi Racing Parkour Game For iOS

One forthcoming iOS app seeks to fuse the genres of sci-fi, racing, and parkour in one single game.

It's Time To Fuel Up And Burn Rubber In Kart Fighter 3

Rev up your engines and make the competition eat your dust in this action packed kart racing game.

Do Whatever It Takes To Be Not Last In At Last Not Last

These forest critters look adorable, but they will do anything to be at the top!

Dash & Bash Your Way To The Finish Line In This Cute Aquatic Racer

This duck is out to overthrow the beaver as the aquatic racing champion, but needs your help! Are you up to the task?

Now You Can Live The Life Of Joe Danger On Your iOS Device

Yes, now you can put on Joe Danger's cape and be the world's best stuntman, right on your iPhone or iPad.

Race Anti-Gravity Ships From The Future With Flashout 3D

Flashout 3D will fuel your addiction to speed with anti-gravity ships, stunning graphics, and powerful weapons.

Be The Best Intergalactic Pizza Delivery Boy You Can Be In SpinCraft

Are you looking for an out of this world pizza delivering adventure? No, I'm not talking about Philip J. Fry, but it's close enough.

It's Time To Race Through Space In Skyriders

Skyriders is a fun and challenging mix of platformer and racer in one out-of-this-world setting.

Whippersnappers Shouldn't Steal From Granny Smith!

Grandmas are popping up in the App Store, and this one needs your help to recover stolen apples from her farm. Grab a pair of skates and get ready for a bumpy ride!

Do You Have What It Takes To Break Out Of The Big House? Find Out In Super Mole Escape

Adult Swim really knows how to make some fun and addictive games for your iDevice. The latest is another entry in the endless runner genre, but with some fun new twists.