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Documents By Readdle Is Your All-In-One File Manager, Doc Viewer And Media Player

Documents by Readdle is the all-in-one file manager, document viewer, and media player for iPad.

FistBump For ReaddleDocs: The First Bumped App, Now Free In AppsGoneFree

Meet the very first successfully bumped app from AppsGoneFree: ReaddleDocs is free today only!

Today's Apps Gone Free: ReaddleDocs, AirVinyl, Crazy Hair Studio And More

Today's AGF list includes a document viewer, a music player, and an entertainment app.

Readdle Started The Month With A Sale, And They're Going To End With One

Readdle started August with a sale to celebrate their fifth birthday. And just like students, Readdle is ending the month with one last back to school sale.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Alarm Clock And Day Reminder, Bouncy Mouse, ReaddleDocs And More

Today's AGF list includes a family-friendly platformer, a couple physics-puzzlers, a match-4 game, an HDR effects and camera app, one of the premier all-in-one documents viewers for iPhone, a fun kid's game, and a unique alarm app.

As Readdle Celebrates Birthday, Customers Offered Discounted iOS Apps

It's birthday time for the folks at Readdle. Best of all: you're the one getting the gifts!

ReaddleDocs For iPad Jumps To v3.0, Making Numerous Additions To Nearly Every Area

ReaddleDocs v3.0 for iPad adds features to searching, PDF annotating, the built-in web browser, network protocols, image viewing, plus significant interface and performance improvements.

Readdle Celebrates Its 4th Birthday With A Sale And iPad 2 Giveaway

Readdle is celebrating its fourth birthday today with a big app sale and an iPad 2 giveaway.

ReaddleDocs For iPhone Gains AirPrint Support, Expanded Storage Options, And More

The latest version of ReaddleDocs for iPhone and iPod touch includes plenty of feature additions and improvements from more storage and syncing options to a new Night Mode.

ReaddleDocs 1.7 for iPad - iOS 4.2 Ready

ReaddleDocs is a popular app to access files on your iPad. The latest update adds a Number of iOS 4.2 enhancements. The update also brings some new features ...