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How To: iOS 5 Safari Reader And Reading List

Two of the many new features iOS 5 brings to you, as well as my personal favorites, are the Reader and Reading list features added to Safari.

AppGuide Updated: RSS Readers For iPad

While some claim RSS usage is fading fast, the apps in this AppGuide put a fresh face on an otherwise dull piece of technology. The newly added Mr. Reader is one of the best apps in its class for the iPad and adds loads of functionality to your RSS experience.

Let Your News Work For You With inkWire - Plus A Chance To Win A Copy!

This news reader is fully customizable for your viewing pleasure. Let inkWire automatically find the news you want to read!

AppGuide Updated: RSS Readers

The newly added iReadG puts a modern look on what some claim to be a declining technology. RSS is still a very useful thing and the addition of iReadG further proves that and makes this AppGuide worth a look for any news fiend.

Percolater For iPad Offers An Alternative Way To View Feeds, But Falls Short

Some of the most popular iPad apps today are feed readers. New reader apps continue to find their way into the App Store, but the competition is fierce. Percolater is the latest reader to bring some unique features to the table.

New App Guide: Offline Reader Apps

Lack of an internet connection is something we all have to deal with from time to time... whether we are on an airplane, on the subway, or have a weak signal. But fret not, there are many solutions, (i.e. apps), that can help you read articles even offline.

Here Comes The Flud... Update

Flud is a newcomer to the iPad visual newsreader market. Now, only three weeks after its initial release, it has already received a major update.

Analysts Predicted People Wouldn't Read On Their iPads. Were They Right?

Some call it a gadget and some call it a fad, but a new survey seems to show that this is anything but the case.

Is THIS The Best iPad News Reader?

While Twitter clients were one of the most popular and most debated apps on the iPhone, news readers are the hot topic for the iPad. Apps like Flipboard, Reeder and Pulse have drawn the most attention so far, but a new app seeks to eclipse them all.

Make Twitter Your Daily Newspaper

People have been abandoning traditional paper news sources in favor of blogs, Twitter and RSS feeds as their sources of news and information. Visiting all those sources to find the important items can be tedious and time consuming. Now there is a great new solution for viewing them on your iPad or iPhone.

Visual News From iPad Keynote, Now Appears For The iPhone

Visually appealing news reader Pulse, which was shown in Apple's keynote for the iPad, was quickly pulled due to a spat with the New York Times. It has finally returned to the App Store, and is now also available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Hidden Gems: There Isn't An App For That

The App Store still lacks quality apps in two important categories - chat and feed readers.

Review: Fifty Great Books for Ten Bucks!

No lie. Fifty Great Books for Ten Bucks! is an app name - and sales pitch - all in one. But whose definition of great are we going by? Reading long books on the iPhone? Couldn’t that be clumsy or hurt your eyes? Nope. Rest easy friends, this is a collection of classics couched in a program that makes them easy and convenient to read.