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AppList: Apps For Book Lovers

Whether you want to read books, organize them, or stay up to date on the latest best sellers — the App Store has many options. Here are the best eReaders, databases, and ways to keep track of your busy book lives.

BookYap: Good Book Suggestions, But Where’s The Yap?

BookYap is a beautiful universal app whose mission is to help book lovers find books, and find others who love to yap about them. Does it succeeds? It depends what kind of reader you are and what you mean by "Yap."

Review: Reeder

RSS feeds have changed the way that a lot of people get their information from the web. Rather than visiting 10, 20, 30 or more sites per day, it's possible to consolidate all of that information into one central location using a RSS reader. Does Reeder stack up to other RSS readers out there? Let's find out.