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Readmill Confirms Dropbox Acquisition, Announces Shutdown Date

The social reading app will officially close on July 1.

Dropbox Reportedly Acquires Social Reading App Readmill

The service is expected to be shut down at a future date.

Popular E-Reading App Readmill Gains Support For Mentions And Sepia Mode

The acclaimed e-reading app Readmill has received yet another update on iOS.

Readmill E-Reading App Gets Even More Social With New Activity Feed

Readmill, in its ongoing mission to turn the solitary vice of reading into a more social undertaking, has been updated with a new activity feed.

Readmill Introduces Redesigned Explore Section Featuring Handpicked Books

Readmill, my e-reading app of choice, has just received another notable update, just a couple of weeks after the previous one.

Readmill Update Introduces Reviews And Highlights, Gets Rid Of DRM Complication

Readmill, my favorite e-reading app, has just entered a new chapter.

Readmill Debuts New Feature That's 'Like A Bookstore, Except Everything Is Free'

My favorite e-reading app, Readmill, just keeps getting better and better.

Readmill Gains More Font Sizes, Highlight Deletion And Other Improvements

Readmill has received yet another noteworthy update.

Shelf Control: Get Ready To Conquer Your E-Reading Pile With Readmill

On this week's edition of Shelf Control, I'm going to take you beyond your Readmill library and into the app's social e-reader itself.

Best App Updates You Don't Want To Miss For Feb. 11

Seven recently updated apps are worth checking out.

Shelf Control: Get Started With Readmill And Learn How To Add Books To Your Library

In this week's edition of Shelf Control, I'm going to tell you how to get started with Readmill.

Finally, Elegant E-Reading App Readmill Goes Universal With New iPhone Version

At long last, Readmill, one of my favorite reading apps on the iPad, has gone universal.

Social Reading App Readmill Adds New Formats And Other Improvements In 3.0 Update

Social reading app Readmill has just turned the page on its newest and best version yet.

Readmill Introduces Cloud-Based Library And New Export Option

Readability has once again updated its app to take advantage of a promising new feature that's likely to send tech-savvy readers onto cloud nine.

Social E-Book Reader Readmill Is Fully Booked With Retina iPad Graphics And New Features

Social reading app Readmill is now enhanced with Retina iPad support and plenty of other features.

Top AppAdvice Industry & App News Of The Week

The upcoming iPhone and iOS 5 continue making news. Here are some of the top stories of the past week.

Does Readmill Bring Anything New To The World of E-books?

The Readmill e-reader lets you share your thoughts on the ePub books you've read, with your friends and the Readmill community. The app will even monitor your reading progress.