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real-time strategy

Capture Enemy Flags In This 1996 Retro RTS

A classic from the 90s PC-era has hit the App Store. Z The Game has been released as a universal app offering fun and strategic gameplay. You capture enemy flags and control vast territories in this RTS.

Mike Lata

A new kind of castle defense comes to the iPad and iPhone. Defender of Diosa adds more interactivity and tactics to the genre, like being able to attack from the rear on advancing troops.

Mike Lata

Guns'n'Glory Drops To Free Temporarily

Western-themed tower defense game, Guns'n'Glory, went free for a limited time, so grab it while it's hot. The game has a mix of tower defense and RTS elements for a welcome change of pace.

Mike Lata

Not A Fan Of In-App Purchases? Gameloft's Starfront: Collision Is Also Available As A Standard App

About two weeks ago, Gameloft released the anticipated real-time strategy game Starfront: Collision to the iOS App Store. Gameloft's initial approach was to offer the game for free, as a trial, and allow users to unlock the full experience via an in-app purchase. After a number of complaints, Gameloft released another version that works as a standard iOS app purchase earlier this week.

Casey Tschida

Review: Castle Warriors

The game is all about conquering and capturing towers that are placed throughout the game. Can you capture them all while fending off the enemy? In the never ending sea of Tower Defense games how does this title stack up against the rest? Find out more here...

Matt Fox