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real-time strategy

Fortify your cities, explore and engage in Planar Conquest

This new arrival to the App Store takes turn-based real-time strategy to new planes of existence.

Control chaos while Devouring Stars in this strategy game

With the power of chaos in your hands, you can create your own fate in this beautiful real-time strategy game.

Block Fortress: War Takes The Original Foursaken Hit To New Heights

Block Fortress has been altered in many ways with this new release, so is it still worth playing?

Minecraft Meets TD Meets RTS In Block Fortress War, Out This Week On iOS

Foursaken Media, the acclaimed developer behind Heroes and Castles and Monster Adventures, is set to launch its latest potential hit, Block Fortress War.

Liv Games' Stellar Wars To Land In The App Store This Month, Continues 'Wars' Series

Liv Games has a new app in the works called Stellar Wars, which is set to launch this month.

Put Your Combat And Strategizing Skills To The Test In Machines At War 3

This complex real-time strategy game is all about building up for war and effectively carrying out combat.

These MechWarriors Will Not Be Defeated

Command a team of soldiers against an army of Mechs in this real-time strategy game.

The Tiny Troopers Make Their Way To Your Desktop Or Laptop

Launched in early June, Tiny Troopers for iOS quickly became a hit with real-time strategy role-playing game enthusiasts. Due to that very positive response, Iceberg Interactive has chosen to publish Windows and OS X versions of the game.

Troops Has Taken On The App Store, Can You Win It Back?

Battle against enemy troops to gain control of land with this real-time strategy puzzle game. Build your own battle field and share it with others.

Reenact World War II As You Fight For Victory In Combat Mission: Touch

Play real-time strategy based on the invasion of Normandy in June of 1944. Play as Germans or Americans and try to reenact or change history as you battle enemies and occupy the victory spot.

Capture Enemy Flags In This 1996 Retro RTS

A classic from the 90s PC-era has hit the App Store. Z The Game has been released as a universal app offering fun and strategic gameplay. You capture enemy flags and control vast territories in this RTS.

Sword and Soldiers Available July 7 On The App Store

New 2D RTS game Sword and Soldiers comes to the App Store this Thursday, July 7. The game offers players the ability to control three unique factions -- including Chinese, Aztec, and Viking troops.

Defender Of Diosa HD Hits The iPad

A new kind of castle defense comes to the iPad and iPhone. Defender of Diosa adds more interactivity and tactics to the genre, like being able to attack from the rear on advancing troops.

Guns'n'Glory Drops To Free Temporarily

Western-themed tower defense game, Guns'n'Glory, went free for a limited time, so grab it while it's hot. The game has a mix of tower defense and RTS elements for a welcome change of pace.

Not A Fan Of In-App Purchases? Gameloft's Starfront: Collision Is Also Available As A Standard App

About two weeks ago, Gameloft released the anticipated real-time strategy game Starfront: Collision to the iOS App Store. Gameloft's initial approach was to offer the game for free, as a trial, and allow users to unlock the full experience via an in-app purchase. After a number of complaints, Gameloft released another version that works as a standard iOS app purchase earlier this week.

QuickAdvice: Laser Sharks: Swim Or Die - Shark Day At AppAdvice

It's Shark Day here on AppAdvice where we will be bringing you a few shark themed apps. The first is Laser Sharks: Swim or Die which is a real time strategy game where you control laser sharks going against other engineered sea life.

iPad App BreakDown: Space Station: Frontier HD

Space Station: Frontier HD is a combination of real time strategy and tower defense that is set in space. Is it just an HD version of the iPhone game, or is it something more? Click through to find out.

Review: Castle Warriors

The game is all about conquering and capturing towers that are placed throughout the game. Can you capture them all while fending off the enemy? In the never ending sea of Tower Defense games how does this title stack up against the rest? Find out more here...