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real time stratgey

Empire Of The Eclipse Will Delight Fans Of The 4X Genre

For all you serious gamers out there, here is a complex, real time strategy MMO that will knock you off your feet.

It's The Undead Against The Living In Brainsss

Take control of a zombie horde and convert as many humans as you can in this new game.

Lead Wars Updated With A Full Campaign, New Maps, And Overall Improvements

Lead Wars v1.2 introduces a full campaign, two new battle maps, and general improvements to existing features.

Swords & Soldiers Is Coming To iOS Soon

Soon Swords & Soldiers won't be exclusive to just consoles anymore. It is coming to iOS (iPhone and iPad) sometime this summer and is being published by none other than Chillingo. The game is a 2D RTS with lots of action and three nations to select from.

Starfront: Collision HD Hits The iPad

Gameloft's RTS title, inspired by Blizzard's Starcraft series, has finally been ported to the iPad. Starfront: Collision HD offers two on two multiplayer action and a campaign with three races to play out.

Lead Wars Updated With Single Player, Map Creator, And Further Improvements

DemonStudios has recently improved their digital remake of the pencil and paper strategy game Lead Wars with the option of an AI opponent, map creator, and a few enhancements to improve the user experience.

Review: Civilization Wars - Harness The Power

An item of great power has been located in a massive world dominated by 3 tribes. Take control of one of these civilizations from the past, secure the item, and conquer the world in this real-time strategy game. Read on to find out more.

Review: Modern Conflict For iPad And iPhone

Real time strategy isn't the strongest gaming genre in the App Store, but Modern Conflict is looking to change that. Click through to find out if it does, and if it's worth picking up. Available for the iPad and iPhone.