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Maker Of CDMA Chips Looking For iPhone Developer

Qualcomm, a leading manufacturer of CDMA radio chips like those used in Verizon's Android offerings, is now looking for an iPhone developer.

AT&T Offloading Data Service To Wi-Fi In Troubled Areas

In some of AT&T's most troubled areas, they have come up with an alternate solution to their problems. AT&T is trying to offload their data traffic to Wi-Fi.

Even The Death Star Has Reception Issues

He may be able to force-choke someone from afar and blow up entire worlds, but Darth Vader can't get a good signal on his (presumably black) iPhone 4.

Less Bars In More Places

Apple recently released iOS 4.0.1 to the public and iOS beta 4.1 to the development community, with the most noticeable changes being in the signal strength indicator. What do these changes really mean to the iPhone owner?

The AT&T 3G MicroCell: A Mini Cell Tower in Your Home?

Do you love your iPhone but hate the lousy reception in your home? Frustrated by having to step outside to make or take phone calls? A new device from AT&T may solve this troubling issue for you.

Biochemist: Hand Washing, Plastic Spray Could Fix iPhone 4 Reception Issue

Forget the Bumpers, free or otherwise. A biochemist believes he has found a cheaper solution to the iPhone 4 reception issue - just wash and spray!

Reception Issues? There's A Wrap For That

There's an old saying about finding solutions that goes: "there's more than one way to skin a cat." When it comes to iPhone 4 reception problems, there is more than one way to skin that, too.

Apple May Be Hit With Lawsuit

Apple's possible iPhone 4 reception problem has drawn its first legal investigation.

Is an iOS4 Update Coming Already?

Apple appears ready to release an iOS4 update that should resolve the reception problem that some iPhone 4's are experiencing. If true, it would appear it was a software glitch all along and nothing wrong with the iPhone 4 hardware design.

iPhone 4 Loses Reception When Held By The Antenna Band?

Some iPhone 4 owners are experiencing reception problems when they hold their phones in certain ways. Read on to find out more - and get in touch if you're having similar issues!