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Updated AppList: Holiday Baking Apps

Baked goods-- from cookies for Santa to fruit cake-- are a staple of the holiday season as much as snow and presents. Whether you have favorite family recipes, want to experiment, or have never baked before, the apps below will help.

Elizabeth Woodard

Whether you're trying to find the best restaurant, produce, or just want to get inspired, these apps will make sue you're taken care of. These are the apps for the foodie in all of us.

Jamie Young

We're not all professional chefs, but that doesn't mean we don't need to come prepared as if we are. This is a list of the must-have apps for cooking and eating at home. From shopping lists to recipes — and everything in between — fill your iPhone with the kitchen and grocery essentials.

Jamie Young

Review: Pocket Bacon

Do you consider yourself a bacon fanatic? Do you find yourself wishing there was something out there to feed your bacon needs? (well other than actually bacon of course) Fear not citizens, because I have found the app for you! Click the link to find out more...

Matt Fox