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Today’s apps gone free: Downhill Supreme, Recipes, Work Time and more

Today’s AGF list includes a racer, a recipes app, and a reference app.

Find great recipes to eat healthy with Fit Men Cook

Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, thanks to this new recipe app.

Utilize your iPad with the best apps for cooks

Watch your iPad transform into your new sous chef.

Cooking at home is easy with these iOS apps

Streamline at-home cooking with your iPhone.

Feed Your Vegan Side With Tasty Recipes From The Gorgeous Veggie Weekend

Whether you're a vegetarian or not, you'll enjoy having this gorgeous app around next time you want to try cooking something new and different.

Calling All Foodies: Foodie Recipes Updated To Add iPhone Support And More

Foodies will be pleased to learn that Foodie Recipes has just received a much-needed update.

Eat Yourself Into A Holiday Sugar Coma

Love making sweets? The holiday season is the perfect time to download these apps that aim to satisfy the most insatiable sweet tooth.

Get Into The Holiday Spirit With These iPad Christmas Apps

Make beautiful holiday e-cards, get great gift ideas, find the best recipes, and more with these amazing Christmas apps for your iPad.

Trufflehead Makes Eating Healthy An Easy Goal To Achieve

Trufflehead is a universal recipe app that will help you toward your New Year’s resolution of eating healthier. There are plenty of easy-to-make recipes for those looking to improve their diet, but don’t have the time to do it.

Updated AppList: Holiday Baking Apps

Baked goods-- from cookies for Santa to fruit cake-- are a staple of the holiday season as much as snow and presents. Whether you have favorite family recipes, want to experiment, or have never baked before, the apps below will help.

iCookbook Gains iPhone, iCloud, And AirPlay Support With Latest Update

Originally released as an iPad-exclusive app in mid-March, iCookbook is now available to iPhone- and iPod touch-toting home cooks thanks to a big version 2.0 update that hit the App Store today.

AppList: Apps For Foodies

Whether you're trying to find the best restaurant, produce, or just want to get inspired, these apps will make sue you're taken care of. These are the apps for the foodie in all of us.

AppList: Apps For Cooking And Dining In

We're not all professional chefs, but that doesn't mean we don't need to come prepared as if we are. This is a list of the must-have apps for cooking and eating at home. From shopping lists to recipes — and everything in between — fill your iPhone with the kitchen and grocery essentials.

Spice Up Dinner With Some Help From Favorite Recipes On iPhone, Plus A Chance To Win A Copy!

Favorite Recipes has everything an iPhone-toting foodie could want in an mobile culinary application, and it's priced right.

CulinartMedia Presents Great Backyard Grilling

Great Backyard Grilling is a cooking guide for the iPad that offers over 50 different recipes. All of the recipes have images or illustrations in addition to step-by-step directions to follow.

Great Maine Food Offers Comprehensive Culinary Info On The iPad

Do you enjoy cooking or trying out new dishes? A new recipe, cooking, and restaurant recommendation app has hit the App Store for iPad called Great Maine Food.

The Big Book Of BBQ Is A Big Book Of Delicious

You'll be the talk of your neighborhood with a wealth of barbecue knowledge and delicious recipes to back it up. Friends will flock to your backyard when they smell what you have cooking.

Gilt Taste's New iPad App Will Feature "Motion Activated Recipes"

Gilt Taste's upcoming iPad app will allow users to interact with recipes without actually touching their tablet's screen.

Yummy Wink Is Serious About Good Food

There are no "duds" in this recipe app. Each one was chosen with care and a picky palette.

Gourmet Magazine Getting New Life On iPad

Foodies should be thrilled to know that Gourmet Magazine is being reborn as a iPad app! Created by Conde Nast, the new Gourmet Live app should be available later this year.

Review: Pocket Bacon

Do you consider yourself a bacon fanatic? Do you find yourself wishing there was something out there to feed your bacon needs? (well other than actually bacon of course) Fear not citizens, because I have found the app for you! Click the link to find out more...