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Today’s Apps Gone Free: Bike Repair, Weather Compass, Gravitations And More

Today’s AGF list includes a sports app, a navigation app, and a puzzle game.

Today's Apps Gone Free: Fruit Ninja, Trauma Ted, Trucks And Things That Go And More

Today's AGF list includes an arcade game, a puzzle game, and an educational game.

Updated AppList: AudioCopy Enabled Apps

If you want to get serious about creating music on your iPhone or iPad you will need serious music apps that use the power of AudioCopy/AudioPaste.

How To: Import A Custom Voicemail Greeting To Your iPhone

If you have an audio file that you would like to use as your voicemail ringtone, you can find out with this step by step tutorial! The first couple steps are pretty simple but the last step can get be tricky so just make sure you follow along and you should be fine.

How To: Record The Hours You Sleep At Night

For all of you who are worried about the amount of sleep your getting each night, Cohaus has developed Nights (Sleep Logger) for tracking and recording your sleeping hours. This app has a very simple interface and allows you to view your sleeping time in a graph and view stats like your average, maximum, or minimum hours of sleep.