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New AppGuide: Call Recording Apps

The ability to record phone calls is a useful feature for many people. While the native iOS does not have this functionality, these apps will present you with some great options for recording phone conversations.

Greg Sapienza

QuickAdvice: Morph Your Voice With Voicemod

Ever wonder what your voice would sound like if you morphed it into something else? voicemod does that job for you. Despite good intentions, the app suffers one flaw that keeps it from shining. Click through to learn more.

Christine Chan

New AppList: Apps For Guitarists

The iPhone has many apps geared just for the guitarist. Whether you are just learning or want to enhance your rig for your next gig, these apps for guitarists will help you max out your axe.

Adam Ballif

The Future Of Screen Recording On Your iPhone!

So today Ustream announced there live video streaming app and we published a news article about it, but when I was playing around with the app today, I saw that ustream records what is on your phones screen not just what the camera is seeing. So it got me to thinking of ways we could use it to record our iPhones screens!

Caleb Kingston

Review: Voices ~ fun voice morphing!

If you like playing pranks on friends Voices ~ fun voice morphing! is what you have been waiting for. Voices ~ fun voice morphing! is a full featured voice recorder that includes 17 fun voices for you to choose from. How does it stack up against the other voice morphing apps? Follow me for the details.

Turra Atkinson

Review: Take a Note

Take a Note removes the doldrums of time management with a visual, varied media interface, setting it apart from other iPhone organizers.

Tee Morris