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Viki is the most beautiful way to get Wikipedia on iOS

Viki is the best way to read Wikipedia on your iOS device.

Discover the world around you through Curiosity by Tamper

Learn more about the history around you with Curiosity, a sleek new Wikipedia app.

Meld your iPhone with beautiful Dribbble designs in ZEEEN

You'll always find some inspiration or gorgeous design with this awesome new Dribbble app.

Keep track of your present and future favorite locations with Rego

If you need a powerful central hub for your location bookmarks, Rego is a must-have app.

Is DreamSphere the best dream journaling and interpreting app yet?

Find out whether this app deserves to hold your precious dreams.

Keep A Separate Image Library For Reference And View Animated GIFs With Pictorian

Keep those memes and animated GIFs handy without cluttering up your Camera Roll with Pictorian.

Search Through All Of Your Tweets With The Powerful Tweet Seeker For iPhone

Always find the tweet you're looking for with this sleek app.

LookUp, A Quick And Elegant iPhone Dictionary, Goes Beyond Definitions

This light word lookup utility provides definitions, synonyms, etymologies, and Wikipedia pages.

Spice Up Your Texts On iOS With Some Unicode Thanks To Symbolay

Ever wish you could quickly get those cool unicode symbols to make your text look more exciting? Symbolay is a complete guide at your fingertips.

Capture And Store Your Favorite Places In Picplace For Your iPhone

Never forget those awesome new places you've been to thanks to this slick new app.

Always Know The Time Anywhere In The World With The iPad App

Stay on top of the time zones that matter to you with this sleek and powerful iPad app.

With Writing Aid, You'll Never Have To Worry About Writer's Block

This simple little iPhone app is an invaluable addition to the toolkit of any writer.

Sooshi Is The Must-Have Reference Guide For Any Sushi Fan

Sooshi is a sushi lover's best friend.

Understand Your Favorite Songs Better With Genius By Rap Genius

Now you can understand your music lyrics (and other parts of human culture) better thanks to this slick new app from Rap Genius.

Shoots & Leaves Will Reduce The Clutter Of To-Dos In Your Camera Roll

Your Camera Roll should be filled with memories, not reminders. Reduce the clutter and take action on visual tasks with Shoots & Leaves.

Quirky App Of The Day: Psychopedia Satisfies A Strange Curiosity

Explore the historical backgrounds of some of the most notorious criminals.

Expand Your Vocabulary In The Coming New Year With Great Words

Is one of your goals to expand your daily vocabulary? This slick app will help you out.

Get A Lightning Fast Bookmarking Experience With Pinswift For Pinboard

If other Pinboard apps aren't up to speed for you, perhaps Pinswift is.

Capture, Organize And Share Inspiration On-The-Go With Ember For iOS

Inspiration shouldn't be limited to your desktop, so now you can take and capture it anywhere with the new Ember app for iOS.

Take Action With Words In Terminology 3

Agile Tortoise releases Terminology 3 in the App Store. Will this be your new go-to dictionary? Let's find out.

Track Your Data Usage Beautifully In Real-Time With Dataman Pro, Plus A Chance To Win

Find out what's new in Dataman Pro and test your luck for a free copy.

Vert - Simply Converting Is The Conversion App You Need On iOS 7

End your search for the perfect, feature-packed converter app with Vert, which is beautiful and ready to go for iOS 7.

Conversions Have Never Been Simpler With Konvert

Quickly convert what you need with this slick conversion app.