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refurbished iPad

If You’re Getting Ready To Buy An iPad, Check Out Apple’s Refurbished Models First

Looking for a great deal on an iPad? Check out the refurbished section on Apple's online store.

Apple Price Matching, Hot Freebies, Refurbished iPads And More

Today we have some money saving tips for those looking to get a new iDevice, or those looking to get a new app. Plus, one way to get an old iPhone for way too much.

The First Refurbished Third-Gen iPads Appear In Apple's Online Store

Refurbished third-generation iPads are now available to purchase from the Apple Online Store, with discounts on the tablets ranging from six to seven percent off the price of a brand-new third-gen model.

Apple Cuts Prices On Refurbished iPad 2, Original iPad

Just in time for a certain holiday, Apple has cut prices on refurbished units of both the original iPad and iPad 2 at its online store.

Apple Offers $100 Savings On Refurbished iPads

Apple is currently offering $100 savings on refurbished Wi-Fi iPads. Currently, a refurbished 16GB device is retailing for $429, while a refurbished 32GB device is selling for $499. They are noted by Apple as being "a special limited time price." Read on to find out more ...

Refurbished iPads Selling For $449 - Get Yours Now!

Apple has recently started selling refurbished iPads at a reduced price. The devices, which retail for $50 less than the price of a brand new device, are available to purchase now through Apple's online store. Refurbished devices quality for free shipping, and come with one year's warranty.