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‘Remindify’ yourself with helpful symbols

Setting up simple reminders doesn’t have to be complicated.

Up Next lets Siri set reminders on Apple Watch

A recent update to Up Next brings "Hey Siri" support and more for the app on your Apple Watch.

AppAdvice Daily: Best new apps for work and relaxation

Relax while making sure you get your stuff done with today's best new apps.

Cydia tweak: Get on-demand reminder notifications with RemindMeAnywhere

RemindMeAnywhere could make it easier for you to remember important tasks.

Remi Is A Perfect Reminders App For Managing Simpler To-Dos

Get those reminders that float around in your brain out and into this unique app.

Quickly Get Reminders Into Your Phone And Stop Worrying With FastRemind

Stop worrying about how to manage your tasks and just get them in your iPhone with FastRemind.

This Week Is What Reminders Should Have Been

If you're a frequent user of Reminders but not completely satisfied with how Apple's own app does things, then This Week is worth a look.

It's Better To Be Reminded Now Than Later With Later – Better Reminders

Like how Mailbox manages reminders for email? Later does the same, but for any task.

Keep Your Agenda In Sync With These Calendar Apps For iPhone And iPad

Whether you need your calendar to sync to Evernote or you like natural language input, these calendar apps for your iPhone will get you organized.

Apple's iCloud Out For Many Users, Online Store Suffers Scheduled Downtime

Apple's online services, including Calendars, Reminders, and the Apple Online Store, have been interrupted.

Keep Those Pesky Recurring Tasks In Check With Radar

Don't let things that matter fall off your Radar.

Win 22 Days And Consolidate Your Events And Tasks In One App

22 Days just got a big update with 4.0, and we have some extra copies for our loyal readers!

AppAdvice Daily: iOS 7 Beta 2 Available For iPad

The new beta version of iOS 7 has been released, so watch the show to see all the new stuff we've found so far.

Apple Changes The Reminders App In Second iOS 7 Beta

Apple has given the Reminders app a new look in iOS 7 Beta 2.

Cydia Tweak: Manage Mail, Reminders And More From Notification Center

One new jailbreak tweak called Overview can add an impressive widget to a jailbroken iDevice's Notification Center.

See Your Notes And Tasks In A Different Light With Yodito

Ever wish you could have a Flipboard-style app for your notes and tasks? Say hello to Yodito.

How To Create Location Based Reminders

Using location based Reminders is a great alternative to scheduling tasks based on a specific time.

Dear Reminders, Why Aren't You Better?

Reminders might have come to OS X, but it still isn't that great overall. Here's why.

Rarrr! How To Get The Most Out Of iOS With OS X Mountain Lion

Today we're rounding up all the hot new features in OS X Mountain Lion that will help you get the most out of your iOS device.

Location-Based Reminders Are Done Right With Checkmark

Geofence reminders are a great thing, but it's hard to do it properly. Fortunately, this new app seems to have done it best.

AppAdvice Daily: Going Somewhere? Use Your iPhone To Prep

Get ready for a trip iDevice style and never forget anything again.

AppAdvice Daily: Learn How To Master Reminders And How To Use Siri To Help

The Reminders App seems easy enough to use, so why don't you use it more? Get ready to become a Reminders power user - watch today's show to find out how!

Reminders With Friends: Good Intentions With Poor Execution (Updated)

Reminders With Friends offers some interesting ideas, but has major problems with implementation.

Never Forget Important Events With Do Date

Do Date is an unbelievably simple to use app that effectively reminds you when things need to get done, or when there are important dates that need to be remembered. Never again forget when your anniversary is, or when your only child’s concert recital will be taking place.