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research in motion

Apple Holds Over 40 Percent Of US Smartphone Subscribers, But Samsung Is Gaining

The latest data on the state of the U.S. smartphone market is in.

IDC: Android Grabs 80 Percent Of The Smartphone Market, iOS Holds Just 13 Percent

Google's Android continues to dominate the smartphone operating system market, according to recent data.

Apple Takes On Nokia, Microsoft, RIM Over Nano-SIM Standards

To help make future iPhones smaller, Apple is fighting to have its way on what the next-generation SIM cards will look like.

A Massive 89 Percent Of iPhone Owners Will Stick With Apple, Survey Claims

According to a recent survey, 89 percent of iPhone owners will stick with Apple when it comes to purchasing their next smart phone handset. This figure placed Apple ahead of every other manufacturer in terms of smart phone retention rate, with HTC's 39 percent earning the company the position of second place.

Behold, "The Smartphone App-O-Graphic!"

Each smartphone OS provider has its own set of rules and procedures to follow. Now the folks at [x] cube labs have made it easy to compare those offerings by releasing an easy-to-read chart, which we’ve presented here.

Blackberry Loses Its Last Reason To Exist, By Offering Up Messenger For iOS

Research In Motion’s popular BlackBerry Messenger service is coming to iOS devices as an app. This will allow iPhone/iPod touch users to communicate with anyone who has a smart phone using the BBM service.