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retro dreamer

Cat Basket Brings Out The Crazy Cat Lady In All Of Us

Cats rule and dogs drool in this simple and charming arcade game.

It's Literally Raining Cats And Dogs In Retro Dreamer's Cat Basket Arcade Game

Cat Basket challenges you to catch as many cats as you can in your basket in order to help the big alley cat reach new heights.

AppAdvice Game Of The Week For June 7, 2013

Use the force and show off your skills as a Jedi and a slammer in our top game picks of the week!

Bounce Your Way To Victory In SlamBots

It's time to throw down in the arena with SlamBots.

Retro Dreamer's New Sneezies Match Game Is Not To Be Sneezed At

If you're a fan of Sneezies, then you'll be delighted to learn that the game's titular cute creatures are back.

Go On A Treasure Excavation Expedition In Duckers

Duckers is a simple treasure mining game that’s perfect for the entire family.

From Velocispider Developer, Duckers May Be First Ever Endless Miner

According to Retro Dreamer, Duckers is "free, universal, and downright adorable."

Child’s Play And Doctors Without Borders To Receive Proceeds From 12 Independent App Developers This Month

Receiving a new iPad or iMac this holiday season would be a gift few of us would reject. Of course, we all know that giving is more important than receiving. With this in mind, 12 developers have joined together to pledge 25 percent of the sales of 12 of their apps, after Apple's 30 percent cut, to two charities. These are Child's Play and Doctors Without Borders.

Review: Linkoidz - Invasion From Above

Looking for some action in a puzzle game, well Linkoidz has arrived in the App Store. Is it the next great puzzle game? Read on to find out.

Sneak Peek: Hands On With Linkoidz - From The Makers Of Sneezies

Linkoidz is an upcoming arcade puzzler filled with fast paced action. The game is from the developers of Sneezies, and we got some hands on time with it. Click through to find out all about it.

iPad App BreakDown: Sneezies HD

Find out if this HD version of the iPhone game Sneezies is worth $4.99. We give you the breakdown depending on your situation. How is the app itself, what if you own the iPhone version, and what if you only own an iPad.