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retro gaming

GameDock Turns Your iDevice Into A Retro Gaming Console

First, the iCade gave you a new way to play retro games on your iDevice. Now, this Kickstarter project takes iOS gaming to a whole new level.

DOS Emulator Returns To The App Store

Your favorite DOS emulator is back again and pre-loaded with some awesome retro titles.

The iMAME Emulator Hits The App Store But Can You Import Your Own ROMs?

The iMAME app does for the App Store what the physical iCade device does for iPad gaming.

Guardian Saga Offers Retro RPG Goodness On iPhone

A new retro-inspired RPG has hit the iPhone called, Guardian Saga. The game offers turn-based battles from a first person perspective along with 8-bit style visuals.

Take A Thrilling Ride With 8 Bit Rally

A truly thrilling racing experience on the iPhone! The new game 8 Bit Rally will satisfy you endlessly with 60 exciting tracks, record speeds, and many upgrades.

Colorbox' Latest Genre-Bender Come Down From On High, Lands On Your Car

Colorbox Studio's "Rooftop Escape" tips its hat to "Canabalt" and jumps down the side of a skyscraper.

Steve Jobs To Become Baddie-Fighting Freedom Plumber. Maybe.

Super Steve Bros., a Nintendo-aping retro platformer, may already be down the App Store drain.

New AppGuide: Space War

Space War is perhaps one of the oldest video games known to mankind. The original Spacewar! created by Steve Russell first came out in 1962 for the Atari 2600. In Space War you are tasked with the mission of dueling for survival against an enemy ship. You can find the original retro game or modern versions in the App Store. We compare the best of them in this AppGuide.

New AppGuide: Missile Command For iPad

Missile Command is an old 1980 Atari game that you may remember from the arcades. There are a few new incarnations available for iPad owners. Some bring the game into the new era with fresh new graphics and some keep that good old retro feel. We compare the best options in this AppGuide ...

New AppGuide: Asteroids For iPad

Asteroids is a classic Atari arcade game released in 1979. The concept is simple: you shoot asteroids with your ship to survive. Through the years we have seen new iterations and versions of the classic game. The iPad has plenty of versions from which to choose. We compare the best ones in this AppGuide.

Atari's Greatest Hits: Retro Gaming, Available Now In The App Store

Atari’s Greatest Hits is now available to download for free in the App Store. The universal app comes with one classic “retro” game pre-loaded, however, fans can buy more game packs, each of which includes four games, for $0.99 each (via an in app purchase).

Castle Bash Brings Four-Player 8-Bit Arcade Action To The iPad

touchGrove is kicking it old school once again with their four-player 8-bit arcade game, Castle Bash.