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Review: Luxurious leather Apple Watch bands by Lucrin

No Apple knock-offs here, just distinctive high-end leather bands for your Apple Watch

Review: This protective PureGear case is slim, stylish and better than an OtterBox

OtterBox cases have been the go-to option for many smartphone users looking for extra protection, and PureGear is breaking that trend.

Is Tidal worth the hype and high cost?

Tidal's streaming music and video service has generated a lot of buzz, but will it overtake its rivals?

Jailbreak Only: Spire Siri Proxies Go Head-To-Head. Which One Is The Best?

Ever since the release of Spire, the Siri port for older iDevices, people have had an issue looking for a working, fully functional, Siri server. We've tested a few of these servers, here are the results.

Can Tracking Diabetes Be Fun? Check Out Our Review of LogFrog DB - Plus Win A Copy!

Can a fun iPhone application really help diabetics keep a log to stay healthy? Do we really have a free copy to give away? Check out our review of LogFrog DB and retweet or comment to win a free copy!

Review: Garage Inc. - Throwing A Spanner In The Works

Are you sick of cooking food and growing plants? Get ready for a grimmer side of time management with Garage inc! Is it tuned to perfection or does it have a screw loose?

Review: Hook Worlds - Hook It Up!

Rocketcat is playing hooky once again with Hook Worlds. Hook Worlds packs numerous levels, characters, and equipment for endless run & hook action. So how does this title compare to the onslaught of casual runners in the App Store? Read on to find out...

Review: Google Voice - It's Official!

Google Voice is a service which allows you to have 1 phone number for all your phones. After a long wait, Google Voice has finally hit the App Store. You can now send and receive calls, SMS, and voicemail right from your iPhone! Let's see how it does in our in-depth review...

Review: Beast Boxing 3D - No Touching Gloves Here!

Battle gruesome beasts and climb up the ranks to be the next Beast Boxing champion! With a familiar fighting system, Punch-Out fans may feel right at home. But does this arcade boxer deliver in depth as it does in visuals? Read on to find out!

Review: WhatsApp Messenger - Where U At?

Looking for a way to message your smartphone touting buddies, but avoid those pricey messaging fees? WhatsApp Messenger, with its variety of messaging features just may fit the bill. Find out how it stacks up against the rest in our in-depth review...

Review: IA Writer - Write the Right Way!

If you're looking for a no-frills composition tool, IA Writer is definitely a candidate. But will its minimal feature set give you're writing process more clarity and focus? Check out our in-depth review to find out...

Review: Camera Duo - Who Says You Can't Have It All?

Ever have that special moment that you wanted to capture, but couldn't decide on photo or video? Your worries may finally be over with the release of Camera Duo. This app allows your to take all the photos you want while video is being captured. Find out if it's worth a shot in our in-depth review!

Review: Megaplex Madness - It's Showtime!

If you like Diner Dash, you may be interested in taking the action to a different environment. In Megaplex Madness you are responsible for getting an aging theater back on its feet using smart investing and good old fashioned hard work. But does this title have what it takes to fill the needs of time-management junkies? Read on to find out....

Review: Friendly Facebook Browser - Just Gimmie the News

Since Facebook has shown no signs of urgency in getting their wildly popular app to the iPad, Oecoway Inc has taken matters into its own hands. Friendly Facebook Browser offers an alternative to Facebook on Safari. But will it have what it takes to befriend your social networking needs? Read on to find out...

Review: Final Freeway - Shut Up And Drive!

The App Store is home to a generous amount of racing titles. However, few focus on arcade pick up and play mechanics like Final Freeway. But does it have what it takes to earn your precious gas money? Find out in our in-depth review...

Most Common Words Used In App Store Reviews

Don't you just love App Store reviews? Aside from the fact that they greatly aid iDevice owners in gauging the worth of a particular application, some are just downright funny. Developer Mark Arment has recently investigated the most popular words used in such reviews, and the results are definitely worth checking out. Read on to find out more.

Review: River of News - Dive Right In

With so many RSS readers to choose from on the iPad, it's hard to stick with just one. With infinite scrolling, River of News presents a whole new way to consume your news. Will this app take the spot as your go-to RSS app? Read on to find out...

Review: R Type - One Tough Space Puppy

R Type is back, and it's crash landing onto your iPhone. Do you have what it takes to tame this onslaught of alien-terror? It's the timeless classic we know all too well; but does it have what it takes match the arcade original? Find out in our in-depth review...

Review: MapleStory Thief Edition - Do You Have It In You?

Fans of the hit MapleStory MMO rejoice, as the crazy characters of MapleWorld have made their way to the iPhone. But does Nexon's hit franchise have what it takes to capture iPhone gamers? Read on to see how MapleStory Thief Edition did in our in-depth review...

Review: Top Gun 2 - Fly Into the Danger Zone!

Top Gun is back on the iPhone with new jets, weapons, and missions. But will that be enough to top the original? Check out our in-depth review of Top Gun 2 to find out!

Review: Splinter Cell Conviction HD – Getcha Sneak On

Splinter Cell: Conviction takes you on a stealth driven quest for justice around the world as Sam Fisher, weaving you through the shadows and providing you with tons of challenging objectives. Use your creativity to wipe out enemies any way you can along the way.

Review: Vintage Scene - Take photos back to the Good Ol' Days

Give your iPhone photos a blast from the past with Vintage Scene! Using vintage filters, antique textures and loads of scalability options, you can replicate the look of those photos stashed away in your basement. See how it did in our in-depth review...

Review: Blancspot – An Artsy Approach To Feeding You News

Blancspot brings you relevant, up-to-date news by slowly scrolling through headlines with crisp, hi-def pictures backgrounded with soft, relaxing tunes. Share all of the news stories you find intriguing with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or Email.

Review: Gangstar: West Coast Hustle

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle is a colorful and feature packed game that will take you on a shameless crime-infused journey around a gorgeous landscape with your wheels a-spinnin' and guns a-blazin'.