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First reviews of Apple Watch say it's nice but not essential

Early reviews of Apple Watch are appearing, and it seems the wearable is the best smartwatch on the market but still has its shortcomings.

Make Sure You're Getting The Best Price On That Valentine's Gift With These Apps

Feel confident about the items you've purchased and the price you've paid for it with these apps.

AppGuide Updated: Apple Stalking

Wondering which bar the iPhone might be in next? How many cameras the iPhone 6 might have? Whatever the case, if it's Apple related, we want more of it right? Right. So here are my picks for all the good, bad and ugly ways to stalk, I mean, "keep up with" our dearly beloved Apple.

New AppGuide: Book Review Apps

Looking for a good book? Need some solid reviews and advice? There is an app for that. We take a look at the very best book reviewer apps for the iPhone in this AppGuide.

Best Of... App Helps You Find The Best Of The Best

Best Of … will help you locate the best chili, bowling alley, sporting goods store, beach and even a bathroom.

QuickAdvice: Google Places With Hotpot Helps You Discover Nearby Places You'll Love

Google Places with Hotpot helps you discover nearby places you'll love. Quickly search for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and other places, while on the go. Google Places also makes it easy to quickly rate the places you visit.

Reviews Updated: Mega Jump & Slice It!

Apps are updated all the time, and some of the time those updates are major enough to take another look at an app. That is the case with Mega Jump and Slice It!

Review: Small World for iPad - Miniature Madness!

Board-game enthusiasts will want to check out Small World for iPad, but how does the iPad app compare to the packed-with-pieces tabletop game?

Review: Cannon Cadets- Like Angry Birds?

Cannon Cadets boldly attempts to improve upon the uber-success of Angry Birds. Click through to see if they succeeded.

Two Notable Games Get Updated, So Do Our Reviews

Two notable games have been updated, and we provide you all the details as well as update their respective reviews. Find out inside.

Review: Cliffed - Plus Video

Cliffed is a brand new game from IUGO. It's a 2d vertical scrolling race to the bottom. How long can you go before you get Cliffed! Is it worth it, read on to find out.

What Apps Should We Review in November? Plus We're Giving Away a Couple Promo Codes

It's that time again where you can have a say on what we cover. More and better apps are released all the time, and we know you want a review of them we just want to know which reviews are preferred? Plus we're giving away a promo code for and