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Today’s apps gone free: Mastermind Pro, Tadaa SLR, Cambush and more

Today’s AGF list includes a puzzle game, a photography app, and a video recorder.

The problem with SiriusXM Radio's iOS app

It seems like the satellite radio service doesn’t care about its listeners anymore.

Stream music all day long on Twitter

A new partnership between Twitter and Rhapsody means you can stream music straight from your Twitter feed.

You can now subscribe to Rhapsody right from the SoundTracking app

The Instagram-like music-sharing app SoundTracking has just been updated with another form of integration with Rhapsody.

Rhapsody acquires startups behind music-focused apps SoundTracking and Exfm

Rhapsody has just acquired not one, but two music-focused startups.

Boosted by T-Mobile's Unradio, Rhapsody tops 2 million paying subscribers

Rhapsody has just announced a significant milestone in its 12-and-a-half-year history.

Rhapsody For iOS Updated With Shazam-Like TrackMatch, Live Radio And UnRadio

Rhapsody has just updated its official iOS app with several notable new features.

'Uncarrier' T-Mobile Offers Free Music Streaming, Launches New 'UnRadio' Service

At its "Uncarrier 5.0" event in Seattle, T-Mobile has announced a couple of interesting offers concerning music streaming services.

Rhapsody Launches New Personalized Radio Stations Alongside iOS 7 Redesign

Rhapsody has just launched its enhanced personalized music station service, along with an iOS 7 redesign for its official iPhone app.

Rhapsody For iOS Updated With Offline Playback Mode And Featured Editorial Content

Rhapsody for iOS has just received a new update that adds a new mode for offline listening and a new way to discover great music.

Music Streaming Service Rhapsody Releases New And Improved iPhone App

A new iPhone app has been released for the music streaming service Rhapsody.

The Best Streaming Music Services: Rdio, Spotify, Slacker Radio And More

There are lots of streaming music service on the market. Here are some of the best.

Spotify Has 1.4 Million U.S. Customers So Far

Nearly one month after its U.S. debut, the Spotify music service has handed out 1.4 million free trials of which 12.5 percent of those converted to one of the service’s paid packages. This means nearly 175,000 U.S. customers are paying for the service, according to All Things Digital.

Rdio For iPad Is Impressive, Not Quite Perfect

Last week, Rdio upgraded its popular iPhone/iPod touch app making it universal. Today, we offer our first look at this impressive product.

Kazaa Digital Music Service Won’t Play Nice With Apple

The digital music marketplace has gotten a bit more crowded now that Kazaa is available on iOS devices. However, that doesn’t mean the company that once broke rules of its own will play along with those made by Apple.

Rhapsody Could End Up Suing Apple Over In-App Purchase Policies

Rhapsody, the online music subscription service, could end up suing Apple over the company’s recently enforced in-app purchase policies. The policies effectively force developers to hand over 30 percent of in-app purchases over to Apple, and have angered a lot of companies - including Rhapsody.

Rhapsody Updated To Support iOS 4, Works Great But Requires Subscription

If you're a music-loving fanboy who has a spare $10 lying around every month, then be sure to take a look at Rhapsody: the super-popular subscription music service app that has just been updated to support multitasking.

Rhapsody Update Adds Background Audio Playback

Rhapsody has just joined the ranks of other iPhone music providing apps like Pandora,, and quite a few others by finally adding background audio playback for iOS 4 devices.

Rhapsody iPhone App Updated To Support Offline Playback

Rhapsody v2.0 finally gives you the ability to download entire playlists to your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad so you won't have to be tied down to a wireless connection to hear your favorite music.