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rhythm game

Tap Towards Your Dreams in VOEZ, a New Music Rhythm Game

VOEZ is a gorgeous new music game that brings in some dynamic new gameplay.

Match tiles and keep the rhythm going in Bebop Puzzle Beat

Bebop Puzzle Beat is a jazzy new matching puzzle that is unlike anything you've played before.

Tap Along With The Beat To Kill Enemies In Audio Ninja

Tap along to help Ninjipu kill his enemies in this upbeat music game.

Hungry Sushi Cat Has A Refined Palate For California Rolls And Bombs

Feed Nomnom the cat some sushi and avoid the bombs.

A Chance To Win Dance Fever For iPhone

Here's your chance to catch Dance Fever!

Upcoming "Hiragana Pixel Party" Mixes Game Genres To Help You Learn Japanese

This is what you get when you cross PaRappa the Rapper with a Japanese dictionary.

This Rhythmic Puzzle Title Looks Visually Stunning

Taito unleashes a new musical rhythm game onto the App Store. It is available as a universal app and it's called Groove Coaster.

Groovie Pig Hits The App Store

Do you enjoy surreal games with music-based gameplay? Check out Groovie Pig and Groovie Pig HD. They are platformers based on rhythmic attacks and are a breath of fresh air on the App Store.

Supersonic HD Propels Developer Kuuasema Ltd. Out Of The Gate With A Barrier-Breaking Boom

Kuuasema Ltd.'s debut effort cleans up a stale app category with sharp visuals and responsive controls.

Review: Bit.Trip Beat - Reinventing Pong Yet Again

Namco has just released Bit.Trip Beat, a unique retro-themed rhythm pong game. How much fun will this bit-graphic digital wonderland provide? Read on to find out more.

iPhone Rhythm Game Nirvana: Tapulous' Nirvana Revenge Coming Soon To The App Store

Get ready to make your iPhone smell like teen spirit, because Tapulous' Nirvana Revenge will be hitting the App Store this Wednesday (5/12).

Review: Radio Flare Redux - Plus Win a Copy!

Radio Flare Redux is a brand new game that appeals to your sense of sight, hearing, and touch. It's a side scrolling space shooter at the most basic level, but it's so much more as you blast enemies to the beats. Find out if it's worth $2.99. Plus there's a chance to win a promo code.