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Video: Hands-On New Ringtones, Alerts And Wallpapers In iOS 7

Apple has added a wide variety of new ringtones, alerts, and wallpapers to iOS 7 GM.

New Ringtones Set To Arrive With iOS 7

Apple has announced that iOS 7 will launch with new ringtones.

AppAdvice Daily: Google Now, Divvy And Ringtonium Giveaway

Forget Siri. Try Google Now, the service that practically reads your mind or your location.

AppAdvice Daily: Best New Apps Of The Week

Start your week off with the hottest new apps in the App Store.

The Beatles' Ringtones Arrive, Exclusively On iTunes

Songs from Steve Jobs' favorite band, The Beatles, are now available as ringtones. Available exclusively on iTunes, ringtones from the iconic group are now available for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad.

Create Your Own Ringtones With The Newly Updated Ringtonium Plus A Giveaway

Bamboo Apps has just released an update to their already popular ringtone creation app Ringtonium. In addition to an iOS 5 redesign for the Retina display, the app has a sharp new look, in-app content management and support for SoundCloud.

Text And Alert Tones Arrive In iOS 5

Users with iOS 5 can now purchase text and alert tones directly from the iTunes store. While Apple has sold ringtones for a while now, this is the first time alert tones have become available.

How To Create Ringtones Using Just Your iOS Device

Getting free ringtones working on your iPhone doesn’t have to be a hassle. Most of the work involved can be done using iOS software locally on the phone itself using the existing music from your iPhone library. Why pay Apple an additional fee for a ringtone when you’ve already paid for the download once?

Purchase Ringtones On Your iPhone, In iOS 4.3

In the Gold Master version of iOS 4.3, which Apple released to iOS developers a couple of days ago, it is possible to purchase ringtones from your iPhone handset and download them to your device.

AppList Updated: Fun With Music

Ringtone Remix Pro has been added to our "Fun With Music" AppList. You will want to check out this list to find out how Ringtone Remix Pro can allow you to create custom ringtones using your iPhone.

Apple Takes Away Ringtones?

With the new iTunes 10, Apple has apparently discontinued the capability to create ringtones. Read More...

Review: 1001 Ringtones

1001 Ringtones features all different varieties of songs, sounds and people. From the annoying to the soothing, from upbeat to country and Charlie bit me to the Adam's Family. 1001 Ringtones has all types, just find the one, or more, that you enjoy.