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Timbeeer! Rovio updates Angry Birds Rio with new Timber Tumble episode

Rovio has just let loose a new content update to Angry Birds Rio.

As The World Cup Heats Up In Brazil, Kids Can Get Soccer Fever With Rio 2 Sky Soccer!

Rio 2 Sky Soccer features two soccer games for young fans (of soccer or the "Rio" sequel or both) to play on iOS devices.

AppAdvice International: Mac 30 Mini-Sites And iPhones In Brazil

This week, we're looking at the launch of Apple's first Brazilian retail store and the expansion of its Mac 30 mini-site.

Apple Has Its Sights Set On Rio: Plans To Launch Its First Retail Store In Brazil Next Year

Apple plans on launching its first Brazilian Apple Retail Store in Rio de Janeiro next year.

Purchase RIO Movie Via iTunes And Get 15 New Levels Of Angry Birds Rio

Beginning today, when you purchase the movie RIO from iTunes, you’ll also receive access to 15 new levels of Angry Birds Rio, the iOS game largely based to the movie.

Angry Birds Rio: Two Episodes, 60 Levels, New Achievements, And more!

Angry Birds Rio is now available to download in the App Store. The movie tie in edition of Rovio's popular iOS app features "two fantastic episodes," and offers a total of 60 levels for gamers to play through.

Rovio: "Angry Birds Rio," Coming This March

Rovio has announced that a new version of Angry Birds, inspired by Rio (an upcoming animated feature film), will hit the App Store this coming March. The game will feature 45 levels, and "will be available for download on smart phones and tablets worldwide."