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EA Mobile Offers Huge iOS App Price Reductions In 'Back To School' Promotion

Good news, app fans: EA Mobile, the publisher of a large number of popular iOS applications, is offering iDevice owners huge savings on iPhone and iPad games (up to 80 percent off!) as part of a "back to school" promotion.

New AppGuide: Card Counting Apps

Card counting is forbidden in most casinos. Card counting allows you to basically cheat at games like Blackjack. This technique is most famously shown off in the movie, Rain Man. We have even seen several casinos ban iPhones because of apps like the ones in this AppGuide. Exercise these apps with caution and use them for entertainment purposes only. We compare our favorites in this AppGuide.

Review: RISK: The Official Game - App Store Domination?

The official port of the classic board game from EA has arrived in the App Store. Does the world domination board game dominate the App Store? Read on to find out.

Risk Conquers The U.S. App Store

Risk first appeared in the New Zealand App Store late yesterday afternoon, and it has since worked its way across the world and has now finally taken over the U.S. App Store.

EA Reveals Details And Screenshots For Summer/Fall iPhone And iPad Game Lineup

During EA's Hot for Holidays event in New York, the company revealed a handful of new titles for our favorite platform, which means we have some juicy details and screenshots to share. Are you ready?

Conquer The World With EA's Upcoming Risk For iPhone

EA plans to satisfy your taste for world domination by releasing for iPhone and iPod touch this summer.

New Board Game Applist Has All The Classics

There's something for everyone when it comes to porting classic board games to the iPhone.