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rock band

Grab Your Leather Jacket And Rock Out In A Story Of A Band For iOS

Could you succeed as a rock band manager? Then download A Story of a Band now.

Fan Outrage Apparently Saves Rock Band iOS App

Fans of the Rock Band iOS app can breathe easy. After word hit yesterday that the music game would be inoperable May 31, EA has (surprisingly) had a big change of heart.

Air Guitar Move: Guitar-Strummin' Fun, Made Possible By Mighty Hardware-Software Combo

"Air Guitar Move" is an iPhone guitar game with a difference. While applications like Guitar Hero and Rock Band allow Apple fans to "rock out" on their mobile device, this is primarily achieved through touch. However, the upcoming Air Guitar Move adds an accessory to the equation - namely, an accelerometer-equipped guitar pick.

Review: Rock Band Reloaded - Another Guitar-Powered Punch

Surely at one point or another, we've all dreamed of being the rock star on stage with the slick electric guitar and booming microphone in our hands. EA's news Rock Band Reloaded puts you in the shoes of your favorite singers with new tracks and features. Click to read more.

EA's "Games That Rock Sale" Includes Rock Band, Skate It, Mirror's Edge And More

EA's looking to pull your attention away from all of those recent Gameloft games that have gone on sale with a sale of their own.

Review: Guitar Hero - The Rock God of Music Based Games?

Guitar Hero finally comes to the iPhone. Click through to find out how it compares to other music based games like Rock Band and Tap Tap Revenge.

Review: Rock Band - Plus Video

Rock Band vs. Tap Tap Revenge 3. Be sure to read both reviews today to decide which one to pick up. Rock Band finally makes its way on to the iPhone. EA has ported everything you know and love about Rock Band. A deluxe well known 20 song set is included. Is it worth the premium $9.99 price tag? How does it compare to Tap Tap?