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role playing game

Prepare for survival mode in the updated Fallout Shelter

Perfect vault? Check. Happy dwellers? Check. So, what’s next for this post-apocalyptic challenge? Take a look at the latest update.

Set sail on a grand adventure in Seabeard, a beautiful Animal Crossing-style game

Seabeard has finally landed on the App Store. Was it worth the wait?

How will you fare as a top-secret spy in Revolution 60?

Have you ever wanted to live the secret spy life? Recapture the top-secret weapons platform, N313.

Fight Your Way Through The Dark Dungeons Of Rocketcat Games' Roguelike Wayward Souls

The wait is over — Wayward Souls, the anticipated sequel to Mage Gauntlet, is finally here. Is it worth the fiver?

Prepare To Bug Your Enemies While Hoarding Food In Bug Heroes 2

The sequel to the original Bug Heroes includes many improvements, and in some ways, feels like an entirely new game.

Get An Old-School RPG Experience With Crescent Moon's Coldfire Keep

Crescent Moon's been on a roll as of late, and their latest title is sure to delight fans of classical, old-school RPGs.

Go Back In Time To Save The World's Future In Across Age 2

If you're a fan of JRPGs, then you will definitely want to have this one in your game collection.

Liv Games' Stellar Wars To Land In The App Store This Month, Continues 'Wars' Series

Liv Games has a new app in the works called Stellar Wars, which is set to launch this month.

Travel With The Gods In Brand New RPG Bonds Of The Skies

Fans of the role-playing genre will be pleased to learn that a new app, RPG Bonds of the Skies, is available to download now in the App Store.

There Will Be Pixels: Gurk III Offers iDevice Users More 8-Bit RPG Fun

Gurk III is a brand new role-playing game (RPG), which can be downloaded in the App Store now and is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Shadowrun Returns: Popular Card Game Makes The Leap To iOS Next Week

Shadowrun Returns is soon to launch in the App Store. Here's a new trailer to help you get excited for the app's forthcoming release.

Quirky App Of The Day: Hold Onto Your Pixels And Get Lost In Deep Dungeons Of Doom

Battle your way into the deepest, darkest dungeons in this retro role playing game.

Quirky App Of The Day: Clear Out The Monsters In B&W Dungeon

Help the villagers by clearing out the monsters that live down in the dungeon.

Don’t Wake This Cthulhu Uber Alles

Keep the sleeping Cthulhu from waking and terrorizing the world in this role-playing adventure.

Pocket Heroes Could Become The Ultimate Mobile Cooperative Questing Experience

Enjoy a cooperative role-playing experience on the go as you "quest with friends" and defeat bandits, wolves, ghouls, and more.

Heroes In Time Will Take You Down a 16-Bit Path Of Adventure

Take a seat and get ready for an epic RPG that will remind you of 16-bit games of your childhood.

Strum Your Way Through Packs Of Wolves With The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale is a brilliantly interpreted version of the 1980s classic role-playing video game of the same name. Whether you were a fan of the original, enjoy adventure gaming, or are looking for something witty and fun, this is sure to please.

Take A Swim With Squids, Save The Planet From Evil Ooze

Squids is a fresh new game that combines a bit of casual gaming and a bit of roleplaying adventure know-how. This epic story covering 21 levels will make you want to put on your wetsuit and head out into the ocean to help your squid pals save the day.

Run Your Own Kingdom In Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is a real time strategy game with RPG elements that allows you to take control of a kingdom to solve goals by creating buildings and units, who then go on to complete quests, slay monsters, and acquire treasure.

All Your Base Are Belong To Guardian Saga

Guardian Saga is like Dragon Quest for the iPhone. If you're an old school RPG fan, you'll want to check this out!

Enjoy New Quests And Fun Mini Games In MapleStory Cygnus Knights Edition

Cygnus Knights Edition is the new Maple Story game for the iPhone. With great graphics and many new quests and areas to discover, this RPG is pretty nice.

Simulate Your Coffee Shop Dreams In Coffee World

In Coffee World, you're the owner of a coffee shop. You must buy upgrades for your shop and advertise wisely to increase sales and ultimately become a successful entrepreneur.

Fantastic Knight: Defeat Enemies, Find Loot, And Save The World

Fantastic Knight is a retro-style top down RPG with a compelling story and solid gameplay. Unfortunately, it suffers from a few glaring flaws, such as the lack of an autosave feature. However, it still warrants a look, as RPG fans will love the combat and the dual-plot storyline.

Recently Released RPG Fantastic Knight Updated

Hack and slash your way to victory in the latest action-RPG title to hit the App Store called Fantastic Knight. The game has recently been updated with added visual flair and an included worldmap. Gamers that like customization, challenging combat, and exploration should find Fantastic Knight a welcome addition.