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role-playing games

Awaken the Force and play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, out now on iOS

In a cantina far, far away, you can become the best hologamer in the galaxy by playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Fight with 3D Touch in Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade, out now on iOS

For the first time in a Warhammer 40,000 mobile game, players can take command of a 50-foot battle mech known as an Imperial Knight.

Save an enchanting world in JumpStart Magic and Mythies

Your kids will enjoy this magical quest to help the mages and save the mysterious world of Terra.

Time your attacks to win in Skilltree Saga, a casual RPG

It's all about skills in this fast paced but lightweight RPG.

Take a chance with Dice Mage, a bite-size RPG

Are you feeling lucky enough to take down these tough foes with some magic?

Play as Lego Minifigures in new online game out now on iOS

Lego Minifigures Online is a 3-D MMORPG featuring Lego’s popular Minifigures theme.

Set out on an epic RPG adventure that you play your way in Knights of Pen & Paper 2

Get your bite-size dose of retro tabletop RPG action in this epic sequel.

Embark on a Beast Quest in Miniclip's new action-adventure RPG for iOS

Think of Beast Quest as Infinity Blade but less dark and more geared toward kids of all ages.

You can now play the popular Legend of Grimrock dungeon crawler on your iPad

The popular first-person dungeon crawling role-playing game has arrived on iOS with the release of Legend of Grimrock for iPad.

Gameloft releases Apple Watch companion apps for 4 of its most popular games

Gameloft is staying true to its reputation as a mobile gaming pioneer with the availability of a handful of watch apps on day one of the Apple Watch.

Relive the classic moments of Final Fantasy with Record Keeper

Relive the biggest moments of Final Fantasy and build your own dream team of characters in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Evolve: Hunters Quest is your key to unlocking perks in 2K's upcoming Evolve shooter

Evolve: Hunters Quest connects to Evolve for additional content and perks.

Wake up to a new kind of adventure with the 'alarm clock RPG' Dreeps for iOS

Do you like role-playing games but don’t have time to play them?

Multiplayer online battle arena game set in fantasy world of The Witcher out now on iOS

The Witcher Battle Arena lets you engage in battles set in the dark fantasy universe of the titular monster slayer.

Square Enix releases iOS port of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Square Enix has just released the iOS edition of another title from its hugely popular Dragon Quest series of role-playing games.

Gameloft unveils Dungeon Hunter 5, coming to iOS later this year

The upcoming game is a direct sequel to the current installment, Dungeon Hunter 4.

You'll definitely fall for the new spiral arcade platformer game Spirefall

Help! I’ve fallen for the spell of Spirefall.

'Robopocalypse' author releases Mayday! Deep Space voice-controlled survival game

Mayday! Deep Space is a hybrid of a video game and an audiobook.

Square Enix to launch free-to-play turn-based RPG Bravely Archive: D's Report on iOS

Square Enix’s Bravely RPG series is set to make its debut on mobile next year.

Wreck the halls this holiday season in the match-three puzzle RPG Gems of War

Gems of War cordially invites you to wreck the halls with skulls and mana this holiday season.

DeNA launches King of Castles: Throne Battle, teases Blood Brothers 2

DeNA has recently unveiled two “games of thrones” for iOS.

Square Enix starts holiday sale on iOS, announces new Mevius Final Fantasy mobile game

Square Enix has kicked off a holiday sale that not only features Final Fantasy games but other popular RPG titles as well.

Rovio updates Angry Birds Epic, Go! and Stella with holiday content and more

Rovio has just released notable updates to three of the latest titles in its hugely popular Angry Birds franchise.

Zelda-inspired adventure game Oceanhorn updated with 'huge' graphics enhancements

The acclaimed Zelda-inspired action-adventure game Oceanhorn has just received a “huge” graphics update.