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Rovio Mobile

The Next Angry Birds Title Could Feature A Reversal Of Roles

Rovio is set to create a new Angry Birds title where you control the pigs and battle those temperamental fowls instead.

Rovio Confirms Acquisition Of Casey's Contraptions As Its First Non-Angry Birds Title

Rovio has confirmed that it has indeed acquired the rights to Casey's Contraptions.

Are The Simpsons Coming Soon To Angry Birds Space?

The donut in Angry Birds Space looks a lot like Homer's favorite donut. What could this possibly mean?

Squawk! Chirp! Olá! More Bonus Levels Await In Angry Birds Rio

Ahead of tomorrow's Angry Birds Space launch, Angry Birds Rio has been updated with new bonus levels.

Take A Break And Join The Angry Birds For Some Sandy Fun In Surf And Turf

We haven't seen an Angry Birds update these first few months, excluding Seasons and Rio. Nevertheless, Rovio has decided to update the regular Angry Birds app with some new content.

Rovio Mobile, Creators of Angry Birds, Working On Unique New Title

How can it be? After milking the series endlessly, is Rovio finally trying to create a brand new, non-Angry Birds title for iOS? Well, in a report from AllThingsD, that seems to be the case.

140 Million People Worldwide Downloaded Angry Birds

Angry Birds has been downloaded over a 140 million times. The game started out on the iPhone in late 2009 and now sits as a true success story for the Finnish developer Rovio mobile Ltd.

Go After The Green Pigs And Their Pot Of Gold In Angry Birds Seasons: The St. Patrick’s Day Edition

The anticipated update to Angry Birds Seasons is now upon us. Angry Birds Seasons: The St. Patrick’s Day Edition adds even more green to the vengeance with over a dozen new levels, new golden eggs, and plenty of St. Paddy's Day fun!

Angry Birds Update Continues The Wild West Action In Over A Dozen New Levels.

Rovio Mobile comes through with another update to Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD. Today's release adds new content that Rovio is describing as "all crazier than popcorn on a hot stove."

"Angry Birds" The Animated Series Is Under Way

To a very many, Angry Birds is a game we can't stop coming back to, but as a whole, it has gone far beyond that. It has become a cultural hit, influencing merchandise and accessories from T-shirts to plush toys and ringtones to iPhone cases. What about heading to Hollywood?

Angry Birds Crosses The 10 Million Downloads Mark - Time To Celebrate

Rovio Mobile has announced that it has officially sold more than 10 million copies of Angry Birds from the App Store. If you're one of the fans that made this possible, or even just curious, check out some ways to show your Angry Birds support.

Angry Birds - New Mighty Eagle Will Clear Your Level, For A Price

Angry Birds is set to receive a new addition to the team. "Mighty Eagle" is a new bird which will soon be able to help gamers clear a tough level (for a price). We're not sure how much this in-app purchase will be, or when it'll be available. But it's coming. Read on to find out more...